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2016. november 9., szerda


Old Gray, Metallica, Japandroids, Yeasayer, Luxury Death, Bernice, Natali Felicia, Coldcut with Roses Gabor, Day Wave, Neil Young


Old Gray is a hardcore screamo band fronted by Sorority Noise’s Cameron Boucher. They released their debut album, An Autobiography, back in 2013, and have put out a string of shorter releases throughout their five years together. In December, they’ll release their sophomore album, Slow Burn, and today they’ve shared lead single “Everything Is In Your Hands” via The A.V. Club. 

Metallica unveiled their blistering new track "Atlas, Rise!" Monday as a Halloween surprise for fans. The six-minute Hardwired … to Self-Destruct cut finds James Hetfield bellowing over vintage guitar harmonies and Lars Ulrich's propulsive, nimble drumming.
The struggle between good and evil, heaven and hell, or even life and death didn’t emerge in the time between Celebration Rock and Japandroids’ upcoming third LP Near to the Wild Heart of Life. Judging from Brian King's paradigmatic, one-man band riff and David Prowse’s pound-the-steering-wheel drum fills in the album’s title track, the duo did not spend the last half-decade immersing themselves in musical arcana and broadening their sonic scope.  

Yeasayer are spinning off Amen & Goodbye track “Cold Night” into its own EP this Friday, and we’ve got one of the B-sides today just in time for their tour kickoff in Seattle. “Loan Shark Blues” is one of those outtakes so good you wonder why it didn’t make it onto a proper album. The song rides a slinky yet hard-hitting groove, with all manner of sounds sliding in and out of the mix: a frenetic Eastern guitar line, a staccato brass melody, church bells, and lots of other appealing clatter.
Luxury Death - Painkiller 3:28

Bernice is the experimental pop alter ego of Toronto’s Robin Dann. She’s a professionally trained vocalist with an MA in music from Goldsmiths, and her band includes frequent Owen Pallett collaborator Thomas Gill. Following 2011’s What Was That and 2015’s One Garden Cassingle, Bernice is getting ready to release her third full-length. “St Lucia,” the album’s hypnotic lead single, is a carefree and expansive experimental pop track.  

...After quite some time apart, Andreas Grube, my dear friend and the brilliant producer and songwriter I’ve done my first two singles with, teamed up again and we wrote this song 'War'. It felt natural that this was going to be my next song out. This time we opened up to an even darker, more rough and somewhat hypnotic soundscape. 'War' is a song about feeling trapped and so used by someone or something to a point you feel you’ve lost all your dignity and happiness...

Coldcut–the UK electronic duo of Jon More and Matt Black–have announced a new EP, Only Heaven. Their first release in a decade arrives November 25 via Ahead of Our Time, the label that Coldcut established before founding Ninja Tune. The EP includes the previously shared title track (featuring Roots Manuva), as well as a new song called “Donald’s Wig” (featuring Roses Gabor). Below, listen to both songs, and see the full tracklist and artwork.

Following a string of short releases over the past couple of years and some work with Artist To Watch/Best New Band Hazel English, California dreamer Jackson Phillips, who records dazed bliss-out music under the name Day Wave, has signed to Harvest Records. He’s celebrating the news with a new single bearing the very on-brand title “Wasting Time,” which sharpens his hazy chillwave-revival aesthetic into a more immediate form of wistful guitar-pop. The song premiered on SiriusXM Alt Nation yesterday...

Neil Young - Peace Trail 5:32
Neil Young has shared the title track from his upcoming album Peace Trail. Listen to it below. It follows the previously released “Indian Givers,” which looked at the ongoing Dakota Pipeline protests. The album was originally slated for a December 2 release, but has been pushed back a week to December 9. It was recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studios in Malibu, and is out via Reprise. Earlier this year, Young released a new album called EARTH.

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