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2016. november 19., szombat


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Run The Jewels, A Tribe Called Quest, Sinkane, Yellow Days, Childish Gambino, Pissed Jeans, Meat Wave, Malihini, Julie Byrne


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Riparian 3:08
With their infinite possibilities, certain synthesizers can attract a type of obsession—perhaps none more so than the rare Buchla 100 Series Modular Electronic Music System. Created by Don Buchla in the early 1960s, the instrument’s colorful, cord-laced interface reflects how it tends to rewire the brains of its custodians. When Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith discovered one fresh out of college, she promptly ditched her folk band and dedicated herself to mastering the machine... (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Existential Synthesizer Music)

Run The Jewels - 2100 (feat. BOOTS) 4:01
Killer Mike and El-P have just shared a new Run the Jewels song. “2100” features Boots, who also appeared on Run the Jewels 2. It’s accompanied by a note explaining that it was released “for everyone who is hurting or scared right now.” After saying they weren’t planning to release the song just yet, “it feels right, now,” they wrote. “its about fear and its about love and its about wanting more for all of us.” It opens with Mike rapping, “How long before the hate that we hold lead us to another Holocaust.”

A Tribe Called Quest - We the People… 2:52
Tribe are political rappers the way New Yorkers are political—matter-of-factly, and between and among the business of living. They love to talk, but they don’t love to hear themselves talk, a minor but massive distinction. “All you Black folks, you must go/All you Mexicans, you must go/And all you poor folks, you must go/Muslims and gays, boy we hate your ways,” chants Q-Tip sadly in the chorus, not sounding like a protester as much as someone on the neighborhood corner, repeating what they can’t believe they’re hearing.

Sinkane - U’Huh 4:07
“Kulu shi tamaam” is an Arabic phrase meaning “Everything is great!” Times are tough. Struggles have always existed in our lives. But hope, love and the power of positivity help us stay alive. It is what inspires me to wake up in the morning, make music, and, ultimately, connect with people.

Yellow Days - Your Hand Holding Mine 4:10
"Your Hand Holding Mine” is a song about that first love ending and how you used to tell each other you’d stay together till you’re old and grey but it hasn’t worked out like that and you’re now dealing with the fact you always thought it would be their hand holding yours, but it isn’t going to be. And yeah when I was around 14 I found that first love and the tune is like an account of me dealing with that odd feeling.

Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama 6:19
Donald Glover isn’t Lando Calrissian just yet, but he sure as hell is out there exploring outer space. His new single Awaken, My Love! is on some Funkadelic and Pink Floyd shit, monolithic bass and synth pairing with vocal echoes, a massive choir, and Childish Gambino himself howling at the moon and stars. “Girl you really got a hold on me/ So this isn’t just puppy love,” he sings, voice cracking and wailing. The six-minute track takes some inspiration from the Coltranes and space-jazz too, fading out in a twinkly, organ-driven sway.

Pissed Jeans - The Bar Is Low 3:15
We last heard from Pissed Jeans, Philadelphia’s finest purveyors of damaged and terrifying noise-punk, when they released the beautifully ugly 2013 album Honeys. And today, they’ve announced that they’ll follow it up next year with a new LP called Why Love Now. Punk rock legend Lydia Lunch co-produced the album alongside Philly metal veteran Arthur Rizk. And the band has led things off with the single “The Bar Is Low,” a guttural riff-monster about how just about every man walking the face of the earth today is an asshole. In a press release, frontman Matt Korvette says it’s “about how every guy seems to be revealing themselves as a shithead. It seems like every guy is getting outed, across every board of entertainment and politics and music. There’s no guy that isn’t a total creep.”

Meat Wave - The Incessant 4:42
Chicago trio Meat Wave are prepping for the release of a new album in 2017, and they’re prepping to greet the new year the way half of America is: with dread, fear, and a question of character given the incoming president represents a wash of greed. “The Incessant” is a mix of guilt and irritation about corruption, but more specifically the roles we play when we don’t call it out. Corporations refuse to pay fees and government entities hold loans, and the more Chris Sutter’s voice yells about them, the more aware he seems to become of his own fears. “The banal sensation of following a dream/ The realization it wasn’t what it seemed,” he sings over elastic guitarwork. “Making eye contact with a dog/ Could always say It’s not my fault.” The incessant is coming for you no matter what you do. The band’s propulsive sound, steered with snarky production by Steve Albini, makes that much clear.

Malihini - Waiting 3:01
Sometimes it seems like duos are the ones making the most noise. On “Waiting”, London-based act Malihini sees Giampaolo Speziale and Federica Caiozzo knitting an intricate sound that upholds a subdued feeling. The song morphs as a lofty guitar line walks up and down a scale. Around it, other instruments fade in and out, creating a giant dome filled with soft, complementary tones — a perfect sound to match the lyrics: a lover drifts deliriously after her interest is sentenced to death in prison. Their moniker may be Hawaiian for “newcomer,” but the two hash out a melodious rove that feels experienced, even when caught up in its own awe.

Julie Byrne - Natural Blue 3:59
With grace and acuity, Byrne shows how the most commonplace aspects of life can turn supernatural if you tilt your eye a way, how the simplest things—melodies, open space, the sky—are often the strongest. And as our collective sense mounts that the sky could fall at any moment, “Natural Blue” sounds downright medicinal. It is comforting to celebrate the sky. So much around us should not seem natural, or normal, but for now the sky is safe.

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