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2016. november 20., vasárnap

20-11-2016 10:26 # 47 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 55m (from last few years)

20-11-2016 10:26 # 47 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 55m (from last few years)
present_perfect_mixtape # Chastity Belt, Anton Vezuv, Frazey Ford, The 1975, Biffy Clyro, David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights, Against Me!, Slaves, The Soft Moon, The KVB, Wussy, Las Kellies, Crying, Pussy Riot, Kendrick Lamar, Terrible Ted, Cloud Nothings, Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Flying Lotus

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Taking cues from both the politics of the riot grrrl scene and the intricate, moody guitar-based sound of early-'90s Pacific Northwestern indie bands like Sleater-Kinney and Autoclave, Walla Walla, Washington-based Chastity Belt formed in 2010. The band consisted of lead vocalist/guitarist Julia Shapiro, bassist Annie Truscott, drummer Gretchen Grimm, and guitarist Lydia Lund. The group quickly integrated irreverent humor into its seemingly serious musical presence...  Seattle area band takes cues from the riot grrrl scene as well as angular early-'90s guitar-based indie rock.
Chastity Belt
Drone 4:33
Why Try 2:40
On the Floor 6:05
from Time to Go Home 2015

Anton Vezuv is an alternative rock band from Budapest, Hungary founded in 2010. The last 5 years have been spent honing their custom ‘power melancolia’ as a full band. Originally written on guitar and piano, alone in a sequestered cellar by the lead singer Istvan Gyulai, it was a blissful occasion to meet the other members and form a full size group to build the power on – the melancholy came naturally. Anton Vezuv, cohesive unit, kept the intimate sensation of the acoustic pieces as they gently and astutely placed them among the amplifiers.
Anton Vezuv
far camp song 4:20 
fishes 4:16
warm you 5:38 
from Into the Sea 2014

Vancouver folk-pop songwriter and singer Frazey Ford is best known as a member, along with Samantha Parton and Trish Klein, of the Be Good Tanyas, who specialized in a blend of old-timey folk, country, and blues.
Frazey Ford
September Fields 3:27
You're Not Free  4:05
from Indian Ocean 2014

Hailing from Manchester, U.K., The 1975 managed to combine the dark and youthful themes of sex, love, and fear with ethereal alt-rock music. The four-piece met at school in 2002, although lead singer and guitarist Matt Healy was born in London and drummer George Daniel was born across the North Sea in Brussels. The rest of the lineup comprised Adam Hann on guitar and bassist Ross MacDonald. The first incarnation of the band began by covering punk songs at gigs arranged for underage youths -- which would quickly descend into chaos.
The 1975
M.O.N.E.Y. 3:36
Settle Down 3:59
from The 1975 2013

Assembling in the late '90s, in the town of Kilmarnock, near Glasgow, Scotland, Biffy Clyro featured a three-piece lineup, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Simon Neil along with James Johnston (bass) and drummer Ben Johnston. Playing loud combinations of pop/rock, inspired by the music of bands like Weezer, Biffy Clyro first started by playing their aggressive pop tunes in the nearby Glasgow club scene, eventually enjoying a stable and enthusiastic response from their audiences.
Biffy Clyro
Sounds Like Balloons 3:46
The Joke's on Us 3:34
from Opposites 2013

From his earliest days as a member of the legendary Clean onward, singer/songwriter David Kilgour stood among the most important figures on the New Zealand pop landscape. A native of Dunedin, Kilgour first emerged in 1979 as the guitarist of the Clean... After reuniting with old mates Clean for 2009's Mister Pop, Kilgour recruited a new band of Heavy Eights (Taane Tokona on drums, Tony de Raad on guitar and keyboards, and Thomas Bell on bass and keyboards) and recorded Left by Soft, which was released in April of 2011 by Merge. The same group of players worked 2014's End Times Undone.
David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights
Like Rain 4:12
Comin' On 4:45
from End Times Undone 2014

Before becoming a full-fledged punk band, Against Me! was an acoustic solo project spearheaded by Laura Jane Grace, who began playing shows as a 17-year-old in Gainesville, Florida. Starting in 1997, Grace performed as a solo act wherever anyone would have her, drawing much influence from early acoustic protest music. By 2001, she'd beefed up her sound with the help of a full band -- including guitarist James Bowman, drummer Warren Oakes, and bassist Andrew Seward -- but there would always be some anarchism and Billy Bragg in the group's raucous braggadocio.
Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues 3:16
Unconditional Love 2:52
from Transgender Dysphoria Blues 2014

Raw U.K. punk duo Slaves were formed in 2013 in leafy Maidstone, Kent by guitarist Laurie Vincent and drummer Isaac Holman, both in their early twenties at the time. After meeting Vincent on the gig circuit, Holman briefly became part of his band Bareface before the two decided to leave and start in a new direction. With just one electric guitar and a stripped-down drum setup consisting of just two cymbals, a snare drum, and a floor tom (which Holman played standing up), the pair shared vocal duties, forging a harsh, vicious, cathartic, and uniquely British sound inspired by, among others, Crass, Refused, and Joy Division, and somewhat comparable to the more modern acts Gallows and Iceage.
The Hunter 3:00
Live Like an Animal 3:35
from Are You Satisfied? 2015

The one-man project of Luis Vasquez, the Soft Moon gives the darkly hypnotic sounds of Suicide, Joy Division, Bauhaus, and Krautrock new life with a stripped-down, lo-fi approach. Vasquez is also inspired by his Afro-Cuban heritage and the wide-open spaces of the Mojave Desert where he was raised.
The Soft Moon
Far 3:54
Feel 3:48
from Deeper 2015

 Experimental U.K. duo blending dreamy shoegaze with minimalist electronic elements... Like a hazily remembered dream, U.K. duo the KVB blend reverb-soaked shoegaze with minimalist electronic production to create their delicate and ephemeral sound. Formed in 2010 by Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, the KVB got started with a number of limited cassette and vinyl releases before their first full-length, Always Then, arrived in 2012.
White Walls 5:31
Lower Depths 3:06
Mirrors  2:45
from Of Desire 2016

 Eclectic, atmospheric, and darkly brilliant American indie band led by Chuck Cleaver (ex-Ass Ponys) and Lisa Walker.  Wussy are one of the most celebrated independent bands in the American Midwest, a band whose idiosyncratically thoughtful songs and atmospheric, forceful guitar attack have won them a fervent cult following and a growing stack of rave reviews, even if their acclaim hasn't translated into major financial success (as they were preparing to release their sixth album, the band's members still had their day jobs).
Dropping Houses 4:16
Hello, I'm a Ghost 3:52
Sidewalk Sale 2:44
from Forever Sounds 2016

 A raw, all-female post-punk group from Buenos Aires with songs in the vein of the Slits and the Raincoats.
Las Kellies
Sugar Beat (Silvina Costa / Cecilia Kelly) 4:12 
Love Me as I Do (Silvina Costa / Cecilia Kelly) 3:50
from Friends & Lovers 2016

 Tuneful, intricate trio from New York who blend chiptunes with metal, pop, and punk. 
Premonitory Dream (Ryan Galloway / Elaiza Santos) 3:06 
Patriot (Ryan Galloway / Elaiza Santos) 3:10
from Beyond the Fleeting Gales 2016

 Russian feminist performance art collective and occasional punk band Pussy Riot made international headlines in 2012 after staging an anti-Putin "punk prayer."
Pussy Riot
Wont Get Fooled Again (The Who) 3:47
Blitzkreig Bop (Ramones) 2:26
Rebel Rebel (David Bowie) 3:51
from Wont Get Fooled Again 2015

 Compton rapper whose platinum sales, Grammy nominations, and critical respect have made him a leading artist in his genre.
Kendrick Lamar
Wesley's Theory 4:47
King Kunta 3:54
from To Pimp a Butterfly 2015

Terrible Ted is a new heavy rock band from Budapest, Hungary. Formed in January, 2014 by members of the Hungarian underground music scene, and named after a wrestler bear, who kicks everyones ass.
Terrible Ted
Ted Is Undead 3:28
Singularity (Run With the Hounds) 3:59
from Terrible Ted 2014

 Sunny, lo-fi pop from a Cleveland one-man band in similar territory to Wavves, Women, and Neon Tongues.
Cloud Nothings
Now Hear In 3:30
Psychic Trauma 2:52
from Here And Nowhere Else 2014

 A member of the underground rap crew Odd Future who made his solo debut in 2013 with the album Doris.
Earl Sweatshirt
Prez (Shakeir Duarte / Thebe Kgositsile) 2:52 
20 Wave Caps (Dominique Cole / Thebe Kgositsile) 2:12
Hive (Casey Jones / Thebe Kgositsile / Vince Staples) 4:37 
from Doris 2013

 Performing as Zoo Kid as well as this alias, London's Archy Marshall has wowed audiences with his gruff, soulful voice.
King Krule
Easy Easy (Andrew Marshall) 2:49 
Has This Hit? (Andrew Marshall) 4:26
Neptune Estate (Andrew Marshall) 5:12
from 6 Feet Beneath The Moon 2013

 Grandnephew of Alice and John Coltrane whose acclaimed productions blend experimental electronics with jazz-flavored hip-hop.
Flying Lotus
Theme (Stephen Ellison) 1:24 
Cold Dead 1:34
Never Catch Me (Stephen Ellison) 3:54
from You’re Dead! 2014

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