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2016. december 7., szerda


A Tribe Called Quest, Mitski, Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White, Soulwax, Margaret Glaspy, Sturgill Simpson, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Vagabon

Mitski - Happy 3:40
Sturgill Simpson - In Bloom (Nirvana cover) 4:00
...He did his cover of Nirvana's "In Bloom," as well as "Call to Arms" as an online exclusive. Before launching into the latter song, Noah and Simpson shared a brief chat about the new album, Simpson's love for old guitars, "In Bloom," and more...
The Rolling Stones - Blue & Lonesome 3:07
...However, the Stones’ new album is as introspective as we can expect them to get in 2016—even if it they are playing songs that are nearly as old as they are. Blue & Lonesome is a covers collection that pays tribute to the post-war Chicago blues that first got the Stones rolling and inspired their very name...
David Bowie - Dollar Days 4:44
..."Dollar Days," the second-to-last song on Blackstar, isn’t all that substantively different from "Five Years" or "Ashes to Ashes" or any number of center-stage turns that have anchored his albums over the years: Songs that seem vulnerable but never really confess, as hot as vows and distant as satellites. "I’m dying to/ Push their backs against the grain and fool them all again and again," he wails, clenched fist rising from the swamp implied, the phantom and the opera. It's the kind of line anyone interested in Bowie would cling to like a driftwood in a wreck. Veil falls, trick revealed: a-ha. Of course anyone interested in Bowie would know better than to take such an honest appraisal at face value.
Leonard Cohen - Leaving the Table 3:47
...This is an album of killer couplets, even the bleakest delivered with a half-smile. Finality is a theme. “I’m leaving the table/I’m outta the game,” growls Cohen on Leaving the Table, as a hollow-bodied guitar prangs lonesomely. The song is actually about the end of a relationship (or many relationships); of the death of a ladies’ man. (“I don’t need a lover,” Cohen rattles, with weary irony, “the wretched beast is tame.”) But the hair stands up on your arms nonetheless at these repeated leave-takings. Cohen’s gimlet-eyed title track doesn’t mess about, either. “Hineni, hineni,” he sings in Hebrew; (“Here I am”) “I’m ready my Lord.” On Traveling Light: “it’s au revoir” – to a lover. As it happens, Cohen has back-pedalled in recent days, when the internet jumped to conclusions about the state of his health: there are more projects in the pipeline....
Vagabon - Fear and Force 3:33
Lætitia Tamko's music exists in the spaces between memory and reality; in the spots where stories are misremembered and tangled up in our feelings. The Cameroon-born, New York-raised musician records as Vagabon, and her songs capture that ambiguity with somber clarity as Tamko's assured voice glows deeply and brightly like a new bulb.

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