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2017. február 9., csütörtök

09-02-2017 13:15 # 34 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 12m (from last few years)

09-02-2017 13:15  present_perfect_mixtape # Cherry Glazerr, Mick Harvey, Serge Gainsbourg, Kings of Leon, Speedy Ortiz, tUnE-yArDs, The Pretty Reckless, Motörhead, Ravioli Me Away, Beth Hart, Moon Duo, Honeyblood, Braids, Andrea Schroeder

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Off-kilter noise pop from an L.A. group led by young singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy... The off-kilter noise pop sound of L.A. quartet Cherry Glazerr (with a name taken from local NPR radio reporter Cherry Glaser) was born in 2012 when high school student and singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy began recording songs in her bedroom under the name Clembutt. After getting some early help from Lucy Miyaki of L.A. band Tashaki Miyaki, Creevy formed a group made up of drummer Hannah Uribe and vocalist Sophia Muller to aid in bringing her songs to life. After adding bassist Sean Redman to the lineup, the quartet made a demo tape that caught the ear of Burger Records. 
Cherry Glazerr
Told You I'd Be with the Guys 4:35
Moon Dust 2:34
Lucid Dreams 3:42
from Apocalipstick 2017
After releasing their second album, Haxel Princess, in 2014 Cherry Glazerr underwent a revamp. Vocalist/guitarist Clementine Creevy restocked the band with new members, turned to a pair of veteran producers in Joe Chiccarelli and Carlos de la Garza, and gave their previous grunge-garage sound a slicker, more powerful upgrade. 2017's Apocalipstick has a powerful wallop earlier albums lacked, with the bass and drums punching through the mix, Creevy's guitar slashing and crashing, and her vocals showing some growth. Songs sound more fleshed out, both sonically and lyrically, and the arrangements are fuller too...

Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer known for his longtime collaborations with Nick Cave and his own project, Crime & the City Solution... Multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey is best known for his deep roots in the tangled family tree of singer Nick Cave. Playing a pivotal role in the Cave-fronted Boys Next Door (1977-1980), Birthday Party (1980-1983), and Bad Seeds (1984 on), Harvey added intricate details and anonymous atmospherics that gave life to the singer's ominous narratives...
Mick Harvey
Ich Liebe Dich...Ich Dich Auch Nicht [Je T’Aime…Moi Non Plus] (Serge Gainsbourg) 5:14
Contact (Serge Gainsbourg) 2:40
Puppet of Wax, Puppet of Song [Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son] (Serge Gainsbourg) 2:29
from Intoxicated Women 2017
In 1994, arranger, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey issued Intoxicated Men, his initial tribute to the music of Serge Gainsbourg. He was the first to render authoritative musical translations of the songwriter's notoriously difficult, pun-laden, alliterative lyrics in rhyming English. Harvey followed it three years later with Pink Elephants. The next year, Harvey and musical partner J.P. Shilo dug deeper into Gainsbourg's catalog for the typically excellent Delirium Tremens. Intoxicated Women marks his final volume of Gainsbourg tunes. As such, it seems only proper to look into the many songs he wrote for -- and sometimes recorded with -- female vocalists, among them Juliette Greco, Brigitte Bardot, Frances Gall, and Jane Birkin. Assisting Harvey are the brilliant singer/songwriter Andrea Schroeder, Xanthe Waite (Terry), Channthy Kak (Cambodian Space Project), Sophia Brous, Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt, and Jess Ribeiro.

Critically acclaimed band of brothers (and a cousin) who brought a distinctively Southern touch to their classic rock and garage influences.
Waste a Moment 3:03
Wild 3:39
from WALLS 2016
...On their seventh studio album, 2016's WALLS, Kings of Leon clearly attempt to crack the surface of that codified shell, hunkering down in Los Angeles with producer Markus Dravs (Florence + the Machine, Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons), purportedly taking a looser, less critical approach to recording. The result is an album that does feel less claustrophobic than previous efforts, with a lean aesthetic that straddles the gaps between classic Tom Petty, '80s Fleetwood Mac, and more contemporary acts like Arcade Fire...

With '90s indie rock revival all the rage, the Massachusetts four-piece is easily mistaken for a band from 20 years ago... Combining creative songwriting, quirky time signatures, and all the brash artiness of '90s indie rock, singer/guitarist Sadie Dupuis, bassist Darl Ferm, drummer Mike Falcone, and guitarist Matt Robidoux formed the group Speedy Ortiz in 2012. Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, the members of the four-piece worked day jobs (as a college writing instructor, a guitar teacher, a librarian, and a burger-stand employee) while playing shows in and around N.Y.C.'s five boroughs
Good Neck (Sadie Dupuis) 1:36
The Graduates (Sadie Dupuis) 3:56
My Dead Girl (Sadie Dupuis) 4:22
from Foil Deer 2015
Falling somewhere between Major Arcana's twists and turns and Real Hair's nods to Top 40 pop, Foil Deer is some of Speedy Ortiz's most polished, and unpredictable, music. The band spent nearly a month recording the album -- as opposed to the four days they had to make Major Arcana -- and the time they invested is apparent: Foil Deer opens up their dense sonic tangles without unraveling their style completely. "The Graduates" is a perfect example, with breezy keyboards that not only underscore the band's skill at distilling their tangents and angles into something downright catchy, but also distinguish them further from their '90s influences (and their like-minded contemporaries)...

The brainchild of Merrill Garbus mixes pop, folk, lo-fi beats, and field recordings in fresh, unpredictable ways... Beginning as the lo-fi experimental folk project of Merrill Garbus (also of the noisy indie pop band Sister Suvi) tUnE-yArDs fuses indie-pop and global elements into uniquely vibrant music. Garbus began writing and performing under the tUnE-yArDs moniker in 2006, using a digital voice recorder and shareware mixing software to assemble her homespun patchwork of found sounds, field recordings, ukulele, unusual percussion and surprisingly soulful vocals.
Find a New Way (Nate Brenner / Merrill Garbus) 3:27
Time of Dark (Nate Brenner / Merrill Garbus) 4:33
Sink-O (Nate Brenner / Merrill Garbus) 3:16
from Nikki Nack 2014
tUnE-yArDs' music thrives on contradictions, not the least of which is how an album as singular as W H O K I L L earned the critical consensus to top The Village Voice's 2011 Pazz and Jop poll. The fascinating dualities continue on Nikki Nack: Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner's third album is also their most musically sophisticated, yet its primal emotions come through even more clearly. It's not that Nikki Nack is more focused than the band's previous work, since it's overflowing with sounds and ideas (and Garbus has always had a firm grasp on her aesthetic)...

Hard rock quartet fronted by Taylor Momsen, best known for her starring role in the TV series Gossip Girl. 
The Pretty Reckless
Follow Me Down 4:41
Sweet Things 5:04
from Going to Hell 2014
...The saving grace of the Pretty Reckless, especially on Going to Hell, which is way better than their 2010 debut Light Me Up, is that they act as if these long-settled battles are still fresh, so they rail against the dying of the light with overdriven amps and stadium chants as they stumble into quite good bubblegum grunge hooks...

Ferocious rock act that brought the concept of the power trio to new heights and attracted a huge following with breakneck speed and deafening volume. 
Victory or Die 3:08
Til the End 4:04
from Bad Magic 2015
...That said, it doesn't hurt as much as you might imagine; on Bad Magic, Lemmy sounds bloodied but unbowed, an ancient soldier who doesn't know the meaning of surrender and will happily run you through with a sword as he draws his last breath. If Lemmy croaks or wheezes more often on Bad Magic than he has before, it suits his tales of foul-minded bastards and their despicable deeds, and it's a fine fit with the bloody-minded attitude that has always been Motörhead's stock in trade. Just as importantly, Lemmy's bass work remains thunderous, as thick and dirty as it was in his salad days, and guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee continue to bring the noise in inspired fashion...

Ambitious female art-punk trio from London known for their eccentric musical cocktail and wild stage costumes. 
Ravioli Me Away
Wow 2:06
Living Is a Myth 4:14
Hot Heavy Horses 2:05
from Living Is a Myth 2016
Part art-punk, part absurdist theater, and with a strong dose of "undefined," London trio Ravioli Me Away (RMA) are as entertaining as they are off-putting. Sian Dorrer, Rosie Ridgeway, and Alice Theobald made their debut in 2014 with The Inevitable Album, a confrontational slab of spiky, clattering, lo-fi pop weirdness. A refreshingly guitarless event, they made their statements with lumbering, almost tribal drum patterns, hefty bass, and disjointed smatterings of scuffed-up Casio keyboard tones. Their follow-up, 2016's Living Is a Myth, follows a similar trajectory, bopping further down the rabbit hole with its punky alternate-dimension clatter. RMA's press release describes them as "agents, pointing out phenomenon and responding to it," which is a fairly apt take on their cerebral song style...

Blues-rocker and singer/songwriter, with several collaborative works featuring Joe Bonamassa... Los Angeles-based blues-rocker Beth Hart began playing piano at age four, later attending L.A.'s High School for the Performing Arts as a vocal and cello major. By 1993, she was a regular fixture on the local club circuit, by 1993 she was collaborating with bassist Tal Herzberg and guitarist Jimmy Khoury; with the addition of drummer Sergio Gonzalez early the following year, the Beth Hart Band was complete, and after signing to Atlantic's Lava imprint, the group issued its debut album, Immortal, in 1996
Beth Hart
Jazz Man 3:51
Coca Cola 3:38
Fire on the Floor 5:11
from Fire on the Floor 2017
...Certainly, it doesn't feel as weighty as Better Than Home, not with the humor and swagger that Hart displays throughout the album. She's helped with a selection of songs that showcase her versatility, bouncing between slinky jazz and grinding blues while finding space for outright rockers, funky soul, and a gospel-inflected ballad. None of this feels showy: instead, it feels like Hart is reconnecting with the reason why she makes music, and that's what gives Fire on the Floor a kick.

This San Francisco group featuring Wooden Shjips' Erik Johnson plays Krautrock-tinged psychedelic jams... A project of Wooden Shjips' Erik "Ripley" Johnson and Sanae Yamada, San Francisco's Moon Duo are a psychedelic Krautrock band with chilly electronic underpinnings and drones inspired by Spacemen 3, Silver Apples, and Suicide. 
Moon Duo
The Death Set 6:36
Cult of Moloch 7:23
from Occult Architecture, Vol. 1 2017
Moon Duo have one trick that they've been doing since their first record came out in 2009. Guitarist/vocalist Ripley Johnson and keyboardist/vocalist Sanae Yamada make droning, motorik psychedelic jams that sound like the soundtrack for a road trip to inner space... The guitars sound suitably blown-out and fuzzy, the keyboards provide drones and the occasional blip of melody, and Jeffrey is strong on the tracks he plays on...

Glaswegian noise pop duo formed in early 2012 and soon signed to FatCat Records on the strength of a cassette demo. 
Ready for the Magic 2:42
Justine, Misery Queen 4:15
from Babes Never Die  2016
Between their self-titled debut and Babes Never Die, Honeyblood went through some big changes. Most notably, founding drummer Shona McVicar left shortly after Honeyblood's release, with Cat Myers replacing her on the throne. For her first album with the band, she and Stina Tweeddale recruited producer James Dring, who has also worked with Gorillaz, Jamie T., and Lana Del Rey -- artists who aren't exactly similar to the fizzy yet wistful sound Honeyblood crafted on their debut..

Montreal shoegaze ensemble that makes noisy, experimental pop... Canadian indie rock/shoegaze ensemble Braids made noisy, somewhat experimental pop that owed a heavy debt to various shoegaze bands of the '90s. Featuring the talents of keyboardist Raphaelle Standell-Preston, guitarist Katie Lee, guitarist Taylor Smith, and drummer Austin Tufts, Braids originally started out as the Calgary-based band the Neighborhood Council.
Letting Go 4:21
Blondie 4:25
Warm Like Summer 4:23
from Deep In The Iris 2015
There's always been a therapeutic quality to Braids' soul-searching dream pop, from the vulnerable sensuality of Native Speaker to Flourish//Perish's frosty meditations on grief and loss. On Deep in the Iris, the trio reconciles both approaches, working through the aftermath of a crisis with a focus on healing. "Friends, lovers and enemies … I forgive them, I hope they forgive me" Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings on "Letting Go," and throughout the album, emotions are almost as tangible as the people feeling them...

Once in a while, Germany offers uniquely talented female singers, and Andrea is one of those. Draw yourself a

line from Marlene Dietrich over to Nico, add some dashes Chamber Pop in the vein of The Tindersticks to it and you come close. Discovered and loved by such illustrious people like Charles Plymell or Mike Watt, Andrea Schroeder is an exceptional phenomenon. She's a musical poetess, with an outstanding voice that is as fascinating as her thrilling and melancholic lyrics. By the beginning of 2014 the Berlin based artist released her second album with Glitterhouse Records. Just like the debut “Blackbird” (2013), „Where The Wild Oceans End“ (produced by Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Midnight Choir)) conviced music press and arts section: Rolling Stone named it "a powerful album full of drama and melancholy", Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote "Melancholic, of Nick Cave and Patti Smith reminding songs"...
Andrea Schroeder
Dead Man's Eyes 3:54
Fireland 3:32
Where The Wild Oceans End 4:18
from Where The Wild Oceans End 2014 
Guitar – Jesper Lehmkuhl

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