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2017. március 19., vasárnap


Feist, The Afghan Whigs, alt-J, Sacred Paws, Jay Som, Downtown Boys, Real Estate, Spoon, Angel Olsen, Tricky

Feist - Pleasure 4:45
...Nearly six years later, Leslie Feist picks up where she left off with “Pleasure,” the title track and lead single off her forthcoming fifth album. The song takes the bluesy guitar stylings that defined various Metals tracks and twists them more towards primal rock recalling PJ Harvey at her best. Yet as the song picks up steam, there is a lovely baroque echo in the instrumentation as a counterpoint to the warm, fuzzed-out riffs—a gentle reminder that this is Feist we’re talking about...

The Afghan Whigs - Demon in Profile 3:24
A new Afghan Whigs album will soon be upon us. It’s called In Spades, and our first taste of it is “Demon In Profile,” a song that strikes this band’s usual balance between deep melancholy and raw rock ‘n’ roll swagger. Director Phil Harder’s music video stars Har Mar Superstar as a comically glamorous rock star/teen idol interspersed with eerie scenes such as a woman levitating above her bed.

alt-J - 3WW 5:00
...Alt-J teased their forthcoming third album, Relaxer, by releasing a snippet of the lead single, “3WW”. It’s an enthralling track that begins as a dreamy guitar instrumental and slowly builds to a loud, vibrant crescendo...

Sacred Paws - Everyday 3:08
...Without ever hitting you over the head with saccharinity, “Everyday” evokes sunshine thanks to Aggs’ bright Afrobeat guitars and Rodgers’ bouncy drums. “Everyday” is so upbeat that its melancholy narrative might not be immediately evident: “I will always love you/I, I, I’ll be thinking of you” sings Rodgers with an air that is equal parts yearning and assured. It’s that combination, the acknowledgement that joy can still exist within troubling times, that allows “Everyday” to voice a deeper truth...

Jay Som - Baybee 3:45
Jay Som is an impressionist. Taken as a whole, “Baybee,” a highlight from her debut Everybody Works, is a textured, painterly song, that exudes a pleasant warmth. The sounds she crafts here are allowed individual moments to shimmer or wiggle, and every word she utters is full and smooth. Jay Som’s music could loosely be described as shoegaze, but rather than forming one massive sound, each element could exist comfortably on its own. “Baybee,” is a wonderful example of how she can create a fully-fleshed world in just a few minutes. Though the attitude is light and sunny, and the groove fairly funky, thanks to noodly bass and glittering synth, “Baybee” is a song about sacrifice. “If I leave you alone/When you don’t feel right/I know we’ll sink for sure,” she sings. “I’ll play your game once more/If you don’t feel right,” adding a light, but cutting touch to finish the song. “Baybee” paints a hopeful scene, one that is worth soaking up.

Downtown Boys - Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) 3:24
Last month, the fiery Providence, RI punk group Downtown Boys announced their signing to Sub Pop, a promising indication that larger audiences will discover their insurgent energy. While there’s still no news on a follow-up to 2015’s Full Communism, yesterday the band released their first track through their new label, the glorious, Spanish-language “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas).” The title translates to “I’m elegant/intelligent, I’m not dumb,” which Downtown Boys explain is “a declaration of one’s ability to decolonize one’s mind, and the importance of fearlessly unlearning the ways white supremacy conditions people to think and exist.” Delivered in the chorus as a moment of clarity amidst reeling guitars and furious drums, this phrase becomes a rousing rally cry (à la their song “Monstro”’s chorus, “She’s brown/She’s smart!”).

Real Estate - Stained Glass 3:54
Beloved New Jersey jangle-rockers Real Estate are returning next week with In Mind, their first album since 2014’s Atlas and their first since the departure of founding guitarist Matt Mondanile. We’ve already heard lovely, chiming first single “Darling” and previewed “Two Arrows,” and now they’ve shared “Stained Glass,” yet another very good Real Estate song. It comes attached to a tutorial video featuring tabs for the song’s guitar parts and notes for the keyboard. (Last week, they shared the same video sans music.)

Spoon - Hot Thoughts 3:48
That business decision doesn’t reflect a return to Spoon’s earliest sound, though. Today we also get to hear “Hot Thoughts,” the new album’s title track and opening number, and it represents uncharted territory for Daniel and company. Despite exuding a familiar swaggering essence this band will probably never shake, this song brings in all sorts of unexpected ingredients, from a beat that could practically qualify as dance-rock to dramatic orchestral accents. It’s fascinating, and along with “I Ain’t The One” it suggests this new LP will be a curveball — no surprise considering it was produced by Dave Fridmann, the noted sonic madman who also helmed half of They Want My Soul.

Angel Olsen - Who's Sorry Now? (Connie Francis Cover) 2:19
The Amazon TV show The Man In The High Castle imagines an alternate reality in which Nazis controlled postwar America — something that suddenly doesn’t seem so far-fetched. In creating a sort of companion album to the show, Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen have brought in a bunch of heavy hitters to cover the pop standards of the postwar era. The album also features people like Beck, the Shins, and Karen O.
Old soul Angel Olsen is also among the participants. She’s covered “Who’s Sorry Now,” a song first made famous by Isham Jones in 1923. Olsen is specifically covering the Connie Francis version, a hit in 1958, and Olsen’s crackly take on it somehow sounds older than the original. Olsen uses the song to prove that she has a voice that could’ve made her a pop star way back then, something that won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s loved Olsen’s records.

Tricky - Escape 3:05
...That’s Tricky, right? The movie isn’t listed on the trip-hop icon’s IMDB page, but if he does have a dramatic role in it, it’ll be Tricky’s first time appearing on movie screens since he got blown to pieces in The Fifth Element in 1997. (He also had a four-episode arc on Girlfriends in 2005, I’m just learning now.) And even if he’s not in the movie, Tricky will at least have something to do with Ghost In The Shell.
As Pitchfork reports, Tricky has contributed a moody and absorbing new instrumental track called “Escape” to the movie. It’s not clear that the track will appear in the movie itself — Clint Mansell did the score — but “Escape” will appear on the movie’s soundtrack album, alongside music from people like Johnny Jewel, DJ Shadow, and Gary Numan...

Ghost In The Shell

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