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2017. június 27., kedd


Filthy Friends, Howard Ivans, The Horrors, Widowspeak, Radiohead, Roger Waters, Shabazz Palaces, Ghostpoet, Torres, Nadine Shah

Filthy Friends - The Arrival 2:20
Indie rock supergroup Filthy Friends — spearheaded by Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker and former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck — have finally solidified plans to release their debut album, Invitation, due out in late August... also features Kurt Block, Scott McCaughey, and Bill Rieflin... the band’s first full-fledged single, “The Arrival,” a no-holds-barred two-minute burst of energy featuring Tucker’s signature vocal howl.

Howard Ivans - Come On 4:03
One-half of the Rosebuds and Gayngs member Ivan Howard records music under the name Howard Ivans, and he’s putting out his debut full-length, Beautiful Tired Bodies, in the fall... we’re hearing another smooth and luxuriant one called “Come On.”

The Horrors - Machine 5:16
...Cue ‘Machine’: the band’s first new offering in three years, and the most delightfully grotty thing they’ve put their name to since the eyeliner-rimmed early days of polka dots and ball-busting skinny jeans.
Pulsing along on an industrial throb that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Nine Inch Nails record, ‘Machine’ is a filthy thing - all metallic rasps and prowling basslines, with an absolutely gigantic chorus that’s more Marilyn Manson than Mazzy Star.
It makes total sense of the band’s forthcoming dates alongside Depeche Mode, and it’s a deliciously dirty, revitalised reminder of exactly how good the group can be when they’re clearly excited by their own ideas...

Widowspeak - Dog 3:49
...the dreamy and countrified band Widowspeak — once a duo, now a quartet — are announcing that they’ll follow up 2015’s All Yours with the new album Expect The Best later this summer. Frontwoman Molly Hamilton wrote the songs while she was living in Tacoma, Washington, and the band recorded them with Swans/Real Estate producer Kevin McMahon. First single “Dog” is a reverbed-out swoon with some heavy Mazzy Star vibes, and its neon-lit, Otium-directed video is nearly as atmospheric as the song.

Radiohead - Lift 4:06
...True “Lift” lovers kept waiting, but now we know OKNOTOK—the bonus-filled reissue—is the place. How the finished “Lift” sounds remains to be heard, but it should be heard no later than June 23, when the new set makes its digital release. Thom Yorke, now nearly 50, telling himself on record to “lighten up, squirt” is bound to be pretty heavy.

Roger Waters - The Last Refugee 4:12
...“The Last Refugee,” musically, is all dramatic, stark piano and guitar chords and a muted backbeat, positioned firmly in the Pink Floyd tradition but nothing particularly grabbing. In the video, an apparently homeless woman, crashing in an abandoned building, dances and imagines herself in a better place, and later, recalls an idyllic childhood moment on the beach...

Shabazz Palaces - When Cats Claw 2:22
We’re a little less than a month out from the release of Shabazz Palaces’ dual new albums Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star and Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines, and the Seattle art-rap group has been liberally sharing tracks from it, a luxury you can afford when you have two whole full-length albums waiting in the wings... “When Cats Claw” is from the Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star side of things, and it’s a rubbery and minimal number.

Ghostpoet - Trouble + Me 4:52
...‘Immigrant Boogie’ set the tone for what we could probably expect from ‘Dark Days + Canapés’. On new track ‘Trouble + Me’, Obaro digs further into the sense of unease that’s been brought about by the unstable and often chaotic contemporary political and social climate. Whereas ‘Immigrant Boogie’ was direct in its exploration of the refugees’ plight though, this new cut sees Ghospoet moving back into slightly more ambiguous territory lyrically, talking about people who “slowly lose control” and harbouring the echoing line of “I feel it all the time”...

Torres - Skim 5:16
The levee rarely breaks in Mackenzie Scott’s songs. The Georgia-born artist known as Torres, always holds her anger just at bay, close enough for it to cast a shadow, and for her to make the effort of suppression felt. On “Skim,” she wields almost psychopathic levels of control in the face of betrayal, hewing closely to a glowering, spacy strut that’s as hollowed out as her mental state. “I’m only the skim of what has already been,” she seethes, trembling with indignation after catching her lover with a man. But this being Torres, it’s not a straightforward jilting.
“Did he hold your hips with authority?” Scott asks, gorging on the details through bared teeth, then admits to wishing that she could wield her own twisted power to get her girl back. Her severe, minimalist guitar mirrors this clash of masochistic intentions, intermittently prowling and wailing, until the final minute gives way to a focused solo that ultimately lets a trace of disappointment bleed through. “Skim” may confront a bitter emotional setback, but it’s a confident statement from an artist growing bolder with her every passing era.

Nadine Shah - Yes Men 5:39
The South Shields singer-songwriter delivers a powerful indictment of those in power on the eve of the UK general election... As Nadine says, ‘Yes Men’ are “the ones that would make us believe that the hand in power which is perpetually slapping you in the face is the hand that will someday pull us from a chasm of its own creation”. It’s telling that this tale of people who are willing to feed the majority to the wolves to save their own is punctuated by a deep, inescapable sense of melancholia. Across whispers of electronica and reverberating, almost New Wave guitar melody that only gets heavier and more warped (just like certain people’s perspective on the world), Nadine sings about the “right honourable men” who surround themselves with sycophants and there’s “no way man you could ever tell them..."

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