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2017. július 28., péntek


Sheer Mag, Cloakroom, The Afghan Whigs feat. James Hall, Blis., Waxahatchee, Turnover, James Elkington, Lana Del Rey ft.  the Weeknd, Stanton Moore, Cornelius

Sheer Mag - Just Can't Get Enough 2:51
Sheer Mag’s musical cornerstones remain well intact on “Just Can’t Get Enough”: white-hot, solos exploding in a ball of static the exact moment they’re fretted; bluesy progressions pirouetting around bandleader Christina Halladay’s yowls like drunken ballerinas on a death march; snare drum taps that punch you square in the jaw. Against this foreboding backdrop, Halladay casts away her emotional armor, relinquishing her heart with relish: “My head’s spinnin’ from your love, and I just can’t get enough,” she declares, her voice bullhorn-like, the band backsliding behind her with a similar case of vertigo. Instead of finding some cure for the dizziness, Halladay and the band barrel headlong into the arms of a lover, carving out a sanctuary for two amidst the delirium: “I wanna run to you, baby/I don’t wanna take too long/I get dizzy with you, honey/Cause you keep me spinnin’ on.”

Cloakroom - Seedless Star 7:37
Cloakroom are an Indiana outfit specializing in gloomy, doomy, heavy-as-hell hard rock with shoegaze tendencies. Today they’ve announced Time Well, the follow-up to 2015 debut Further. It marks a jump from one storied record label (Run For Cover) to another (Relapse), and it’s preceded by a typically crushing sonic landscape called “Seedless Star.”

The Afghan Whigs feat. James Hall - You Want Love 3:48
The Afghan Whigs guitarist Dave Rosser died last month after a battle with colon cancer. In tribute, the band has recorded a cover of “You Want Love” by the New Orleans band Pleasure Club, a favorite of Greg Dulli’s, featuring Pleasure Club singer James Hall himself. “Pleasure Club was a legendary New Orleans band and Dave Rosser and I had spoken for years about performing this song,” Dulli says. “In light of his passing we decided to record it in his honor.”

Blis. - Stale Smoke 3:38
Atlanta rockers Blis. released their promising EP Starting Fires In My Parents House back in 2015, and they’re finally following it up this October with their first full-length, No One Loves You. The new album’s first single “Stale Smoke” is heavy in texture and lyrical content. Aaron Gossett’s vocals are rusty like the pipes of an aged, neglected bathroom; they’re raw and grimy and have definitely have lived through some shit (no pun intended). Skewering guitars flail around him as he sings, “If I was more stable I’d bet you’d have more to say to me.”

Waxahatchee - Silver 3:24
... “Silver,” the first single from her band’s upcoming album, Out in the Storm, continues the momentum with propulsive, aerodynamic indie rock. / Layering her vocals in different registers—creating an effect like she’s singing along to her own song—Crutchfield touches on themes of destruction and transformation. Amid a breezy squall of guitars, her phrasing is sparse and centered: a house burning down is given the same weight as a couple drifting apart. Following work that often raged with catharsis, “Silver”’s more even-keeled approach allows Crutchfield to find a sense of peace: “The whole world keeps turning,” she sings, “I went out in the storm and I’m never returning.” Then she slips into the song’s wordless chorus, and you’re left watching her soar.

Turnover - Super Natural 4:17
The Virginia Beach band Turnover come from the DIY punk underground, but their music is a gauzy, floaty sort of dreampop — one that’s equally influenced by shoegaze and emo but which doesn’t quite fit into either of those genres. They’ve just announced that they’ll follow up 2015’s lovely Peripheral Vision with a new album called Good Nature, which is set to arrive later this summer. First single “Super Natural” is a slow, pretty shimmer of a song.

James Elkington - Make It Up 3:18
Back in March, James Elkington released a new song as part of the Our First 100 Days series, and today he premiered the first single off of his forthcoming debut solo album via The FADER. Wintres Woma will be out 6/30 on Paradise Of Bachelors, and after years collaborating with musicians like Jeff Tweedy and Steve Gunn, Elkington is stepping out on his own.

Lana Del Rey ft.  the Weeknd - Lust for Life 4:24
...In an interview with Courtney Love for Dazed magazine, Del Rey revealed that "Lust for Life" was the first song she wrote for the album and got an assist from Max Martin for it. She traveled to his Sweden compound where he encouraged her to turn what had previously been a verse into the song's chorus. Upon returning to her main producer Rick Nowels' place, she realized the one extra element she needed for the track. That's when she felt she "really wanted" to hear Canadian singer The Weeknd sing the chorus, so he came down and "rewrote a little bit of it," but then she stated she felt like it was missing something, so she went back for a fourth time and layered it up with harmonies...

Stanton Moore Trio with Skerik 4/27/16 New Orleans
Stanton Moore - Riverboat (Allen Toussaint) 5:59
...Instead of cutting an original record, the three assembled a host of NOLA luminaries for this masterful presentation of Toussaint's multi-faceted compositions...  The altoist and trumpeter also join the trio on the bluesy, nocturnal "Riverboat," with its gospel overtones and shimmering atmospheric vibe adorned by gently rolling snare, tom-toms, and electric piano...  It's likely that other tributes to Toussaint's genius will follow, but it's just as likely that few will be as heartfelt and discerning as the Stanton Moore Trio's With You in Mind.

Cornelius - If You’re Here 6:11
Returning to his long-running solo act, the Japanese producer Keigo Oyamada aims for the glowing emotional core of his playful, retro-futuristic aesthetic... On his first proper album in over a decade, the meticulous pop experimenter known as Cornelius arrives floating on the promised Mellow Waves of its title. Gentle guitars and soft-hued synths sustain a mood of a familiar but far-flung locale: a veneer of artistic maturity that camouflages the brilliant and ambitious playfulness of the 48-year-old former guitarist Keigo Oyamada’s music... It’s as subdued an album as Oyamada has made. The jazzy exotica of the opening “If You’re Here” sounds so much like pop that Oyamada’s deconstructed arrangement flits by almost unnoticed. But it is music no one else could make.

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