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2017. augusztus 13., vasárnap


Hercules & Love Affair, The War On Drugs, David Crosby, Neil Young, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, Amy O, Widowspeak, Gizmodrome, HDLSS, Heems, Actress, London Contemporary Orchestra

Hercules & Love Affair - Fools Wear Crowns 5:19
Hercules & Love Affair’s new album Omnion is arriving September 1st, and today the project’s frontman Andy Butler has released a new song from it called “Fools Wear Crowns.” The track features a reflective, minimalist electronic groove that borders on atmospheric, and the lyrics delve into the dark territory of addiction. “I’m a fool when I’ve been drinking / I’m glad that I didn’t today,” he sings on the track.
Butler said, “The lyrics acknowledge that we as humans enjoy, in a weird way, watching people fumble. But it’s not always buffoonery that you’re seeing. In my case, I think there was an illness at play.”

The War On Drugs - Pain 5:30
The War on Drugs have released a new song, “Pain.” Listen to it below. The band debuted it in July during their acoustic set for a Baltimore radio station. The track appears on their forthcoming album A Deeper Understanding, and follows previously released songs “Thinking of a Place,” “Strangest Thing,” and “Holding On.” Watch the accompanying music video for the latter here. Beginning this September, the War on Drugs head out on tour; next Wednesday, they’ll appear on “Kimmel.” A Deeper Understanding arrives August 25.

David Crosby - Sell Me a Diamond 5:27
David Crosby's Contemplative, Jazzy New Song / David Crosby searches for an elusive sense of serenity on his new song, "Sell Me a Diamond." The track will appear on the singer-songwriter's upcoming LP Sky Trails, out September 29th. / The song, which premiered via NPR, opens with Crosby recounting a meeting with a jeweler, who promises to sell him a "conflict-free diamond." Over a steady drum beat, resonant piano and starry-eyed steel guitar, Crosby extrapolates the jewelers' comments into a meditation on finding peace in an often menacing world. "Sell me a diamond," Crosby sings, "One fluid moment/ You know, seven crows above could be an omen."

Neil Young - Hitchhiker 4:37
Neil Young Releasing Lost 1976 Album Hitchhiker, Shares Title Track / Neil Young has announced the release of Hitchhiker, an album recorded in 1976. It’s due out September 8 via Reprise. Listen to the title track below. Hitchhiker comprises solo acoustic songs that Young recorded live over the course of one day in Malibu, several of which later appeared on albums like Comes a Time and Rust Never Sleeps. “Hitchhiker” was eventually rerecorded for Young’s 2010 album Le Noise. The original recordings were produced by Young’s long-time collaborator David Briggs, and the new release features post-production from John Hanlon. Hitchhiker includes early renditions of songs like “Pocahontas,” “Powderfinger,” and “Human Highway,” as well as the previously unreleased tracks “Hawaii” and “Give Me Strength.”

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Dillon and Her Son 2:24
According to Joshua Cyr, bassist for the World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, the song “Dillon and Her Son” is a warning against “getting older and becoming the kind of person who resents younger people for having fun and doing something new"... At first glance, “Dillon and Her Son” is one for the kids. Immediate and streamlined, it reduces the Anniversary’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown into a soundbite. This iteration of TWIABP—compact, jittery, hypermelodic, and explosive—has typically been restricted to their deep cuts.

Amy O - Lavender Night 1:43
Amy Oelsner has been putting out music for over a decade now under the name Amy O, and the project has followed her through her Arkansas hometown and through to Ohio, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, and most recently Bloomington, IN, where she’s settled down and rounded up a full band... It’s a sharp and punchy collection of songs as evidenced by lead single “Lavender Night,” which starts off with a lot of energy and only builds from there as it picks apart a dreamlike insular haze. “The lyrics and melody came to me quickly and without fuss. I wrote it after a little scare I had at the doctor with a mysterious lump,” Oelsner explains. “It’s about the constant (and often invisible) line of fragility that we walk upon in life, learning how to follow trails of light throughout difficult circumstances, and resisting the black hole-like vacuum of negative thought patterns.”

Widowspeak - When I Tried 4:42
We’ve been keeping up with Widowspeak for a while now, since back when the impressive quartet was just a duo. As of late, the band has honed in on their sound, added new key members, and are gearing up for a shiny new LP called Expect The Best, the follow-up to 2015’s great All Yours... The guitars, in all their distorted glory, are the standout here, while distant oohs build an extra level of intrigue to an ominous and downright sleek song.
Widowspeak’s Molly Hamilton:  “When I Tried” is about when I was having a hard time starting things, or finishing them, maybe due to my own expectations of what it would turn into or maybe due to me doubting that I’d even be able to make it happen at all…

Gizmodrome - Amaka Pipa (Behind the Scenes Mix) 3:42
Gizmodrome is an all-new supergroup comprised of veteran, A-list musicians in Stewart Copeland (The Police), Mark King (Level 42), Adrian Belew (ex-King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa), and Italian singer/multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Cosma. Together, they’ve joined forces to record their self-titled full-length debut, which is due to hit stores on September 15th through earMUSIC.
Produced by Claudio Dentes, a longtime figure in the Italian production industry, Gizmodrome came together as a result of all four musicians physically meeting up in one place in Italy — a rare sight given today’s reliance on internet communication. “Vittorio and I have been playing together for years, in Italy, but it got serious when Adrian and Mark joined us for 15 days of wild creativity in a Milan recording studio,” Copeland explained in a press statement of their magical recording process. “If you put the right guys together in a rehearsal room, ‘strange things’ definitely happen!”

HDLSS feat: Heems - Bystander 2 4:17
Band To Watch alum Headless Horseman returned earlier this year after a long time away with a few less vowels to their name and a new album. HDLSS’ Selections From DUMB comes out tomorrow, and the Ridgewood duo got Heems to contribute a verse to one of the albums songs, “Bystander 2,” which is a spiritual continuation of a different track on the album, “Bystander Effect.”

Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra - Audio Track 5 6:19
Earlier this year, Darren Cunningham released his fifth album as Actress, AZD, and he’s following it up with a special collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra where Cunningham pulled from performances they did together at the The Barbican Centre London and Strelka Institute Moscow, recontextualizing them to sound something like what you can hear below in “Audio Track 5,” our first taste of the new project. It’ll be included on a 12″ that’s out next month with a longer album due later in the fall.

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