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2017. augusztus 17., csütörtök


The War On Drugs, Ariel Pink, Cloakroom, Queens of the Stone Age, Car Seat Headrest, Protomartyr, Moses Sumney, Strange Ranger, Turnover, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

The War On Drugs - Up All Night 6:23
The War On Drugs’ new album, A Deeper Understanding, comes out at the end of the month, and today the band has shared yet another song from it, following the earlier string of singles .. And with this new one, which is called “Up All Night,” they’re released half the album before it actually comes out.
A Deeper Understanding is out 8/25 via Atlantic.

Ariel Pink - Time to Live 5:43
Weirdo pop auteur Ariel Pink is finally returning in the fall with Dedicated To Bobby Jameson, the follow-up to his 2014 opus pom pom... new song “Time To Live” finds him back in lo-fi weirdo mode, burying an infectiously catchy synthpop song under scads of noise and fuzz.
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson is out 9/15 on Mexican Summer.

Cloakroom - Concrete Gallery 6:19
CLOAKROOM has just shared “Concrete Gallery,” a melancholy-imbibed molasses-thick single from their forthcoming sophomore album Time Well, out August 18 on Relapse Records. Accompanying their premiere of the song/video NPR state that“Cloakroom’s burly, yet ruminating stoner-chugged shoegaze rolls on a dusty Americana path, like space-rockers Hum meditating on the stark, yet bold melodies of Jason Molina.”

Queens of the Stone Age - The Evil Has Landed 6:30
For all the come-hither hooks and sultry side-eye of “The Evil Has Landed,” the new single from Queens of the Stone Age, it sure is a pummeling affair. Josh Homme opens the song in an isolated falsetto, before a swampy metal riff slithers in to counteract any sense of warmth. His voice retains an alluring intimacy while set against the turmoil of the guitar, which sounds like a beginner’s Mastodon riff, especially for that precision fuzz. The drums take Bonham-doffing downbeats and turnarounds without remorse, across the huge six-and-a-half-minute song. Even as the track spirals from straight-ahead strut to psych-rock soloing to herky-jerk breakdowns, it never loses the magnetism of Homme’s clarion call.

Car Seat Headrest - War Is Coming (If You Want It) 3:26
Will Toledo—at least in his songs, as Car Seat Headrest—is not one for sentimentality. Rather there’s a lot of wallowing and pensive musings couched between flourishes of theatrical guitar solos. Its surprising then to hear him him sing a line like “Reach out your hands/And save someone's life” on new song “War Is Coming (If You Want It).” It’s a saccharine lyric on its surface, but the anguish in Toldeo’s voice is pretty affecting. According to Toledo, the song is “about not murdering people,” and his skills as a poignant, specific lyricist hold as he moves to weightier topics than teen ballads. While it’s rarely cool to wear your heart on your sleeve, Toledo isn’t one to care about optics. This is a very earnest song about how much violence sucks, and Toledo, with a great balance between restraint and despair, pulls it off.

Protomartyr - My Children 3:42
Wordy Detroit post-punkers and Band To Watch alums Protomartyr haven’t put out a bad record yet, and it doesn’t look like the upcoming Relatives In Descent is going to buck that trend. Lead single “A Private Understanding” was excellent, and so is second single “For My Children,” in which anxiously ringing guitars and a creeping bassline slowly work themselves into a furious lather as Joe Casey’s cryptic mutterings increase in pained urgency. It finally culminates with an honest-to-god groove

Moses Sumney - Quarrel 6:45
Moses Sumney has a voice that opens up all kinds of possibilities... It’s ironic that a song this lush and warm details a kind of cold war. “Don’t call it a lovers’ quarrel,” Sumney sings, making a fair semantic argument (it can’t be a lover’s quarrel if there’s no love). He then slips a silver-tongued couplet into the middle of his otherwise plainspoken prose: “Quoting this a quarrel so immorally implies/We’re equal opponents and we both antagonize.” His voice is precise and polite, making it clear he takes no pleasure in feuding. Then, as if to apologize, the track ends courteously with two distinct instrumental codas: the first a scribble of fusion keyboards seemingly pulled right from Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life, and the second a lovely piano outro that flushes away any lingering sourness. It always helps to chase unpleasant sentiments with something pretty, and on that particular front, at least, Sumney is well prepared.

Strange Ranger - House Show 2:40
It’s only been a year-and-a-half since Portland-based Strange Ranger released their first full-length, Rot Forever, but it feels like they’ve gone through a ton of permutations since then... Its first single, “House Show,” is punchy and concise. They’re channeling the grinding gear-like mechanisms of We Have The Facts era Death Cab and the lineage of other Pacific Northwest bands that Strange Ranger can now count themselves among. Isaac Eiger’s vocals remain mutedly compelling; here, he’s stringing together phrases that sound like they’ve been knocking around in his head for a while (or as they put it: “He’s the kind of high where he’s not talking a lot”), and he serves as an oddly comforting center as the band languidly lurches towards a conclusion.

Turnover - Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody) 5:07
The woozy Virginia Beach dream-poppers Turnover are coming out with their new album Good Nature next week, their first release since parting ways with guitarist Eric Soucy after reports of Soucy’s emotional abuse. We’ve already posted the early songs “Super Natural” and “Sunshine Type.” Today, they’ve shared the chiming, expansive “Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody),” a song that reminds me a bit of a sunnier version of Scottish depressive indie rock bands like Arab Strap

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - Sleep 3:48
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions released a new album, Until The Hunter, last year, and they’re following that up with a new 10″ EP, called Son Of A Lady, next month. It’ll be available (along with other merch) via PledgeMusic, and today Sandoval is sharing the lullaby-like track “Sleep” from it.

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