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2017. szeptember 17., vasárnap

17-09-2017 11:13 JAZZ:MiX # 40 jazz tracks on the the JAZZ_line 2000-2011 / 3h 28m

17-09-2017 11:13 # 40 jazz tracks on the the JAZZ_line 2000-2011 / 3h 28m # Chick Corea & Origin, Spring Heel Jack, Medeski Martin & Wood, Karin Krog / Jacob Young, Larry Coryell, The Bad Plus, Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio, Bushman's Revenge, Per "Texas" Johansson, Zed-U, Russell Malone, Vijay Iyer, Prasanna, Nitin Mitta, Silencio, David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti

J A Z Z   M U S I C

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Talented pianist who has a wide palette of influences but was highly important in early fusion and jazz/rock.  / Chick Corea has been one of the most significant jazzmen since the '60s. Not content at any time to rest on his laurels, he has been involved in quite a few important musical projects, and his musical curiosity has never dimmed. A masterful pianist who, along with Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett, was one of the top stylists to emerge after Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner, Corea is also one of the few electric keyboardists to be quite individual and recognizable on synthesizers.
Chick Corea & Origin
Made by Walking feat: Tim Garland (Tim Garland) 8:08
Madrid feat: Avishai Cohen (Avishai Cohen) 4:51
from Originations 2000
An inexpensive CD featuring a variety of jazz combos pulled together by legendary jazz pianist and composer Chick Corea. This release showcases cuts from the bands that have sprung up from the group that played on Corea's 1997 album Origin: Live at the Blue Note. Featured artists include the Avishai Cohen Band, the Steve Wilson Quartet, the Steve Davis Quintet, the Tim Garland Group, and Corea himself ...

The recordings of John Coxon and Ashley Wales as Spring Heel Jack were some of the earliest and best applications of hard-edged drum'n'bass to the full-length LP concept with no lack of energy, similar in result to Orbital's living-room/danceclub fusion of techno.
Spring Heel Jack
Chorale (John Coxon / Evan Parker / Matthew Shipp / Ashley Wales) 9:13
Masses (Tim Berne / Guillermo E. Brown / Daniel Carter / John Coxon / Mat Maneri / Evan Parker / Matthew Shipp) 5:33
from Masses 2001
Spring Heel Jack abandons their drum'n'bass and electronica origins completely on Masses, focusing instead on bleak improvisational jazz. The album is the first in a project called the Blue Series Continuum, which sees collaborations between the avant-garde musicians on the Thirsty Ear record label. Ashley Wales and John Coxon provided jazz improvisers pianist Matthew Shipp, saxophonist Tim Berne, trumpeter Roy Campbell, and a wealth of their peers with a sonic foundation of industrial scrapes, clangs, and etchings. The jazzmen then went to work in creating an accomplished cacophony of elaborate freakouts, harsh jams, and moody solos over the mix. Wales and Coxon then prodded the stew into various creepy and somber musical creations...
 John Coxon and Ashley Wales as Spring Heel Jack

Progressive New York City-based jazz fusionists who straddle the gap between avant-garde improvisation and accessible groove-based jazz.  / A group that effortlessly straddles the gap between avant-garde improvisation and accessible groove-based jazz, Medeski, Martin & Wood have simultaneously earned standing as relentlessly innovative musicians and as an enormously popular act. 
Medeski Martin & Wood
Uninvisible (Billy Martin / John Medeski / Chris Wood) 3:37
Take Me Nowhere (Billy Martin / John Medeski / Chris Wood) 4:07
Edge of Night (Billy Martin / John Medeski / Chris Wood) 3:53
Reprise (John Medeski) 0:35
from Uninvisible 2002
Uninvisible is further than ever from conventional jazz organ. While blues and funk influences are evident throughout the album, they float on a sea of shadows. Sound sources are obscure or exotic; on "Pappy Check" innovative scratching by turntablist DJ Olive creates an impression of African percussion more than club atmospherics. Even where the instrumentation is less ambiguous, the trio steers toward a filmic noir sensibility, with Medeski leading the way in unorthodox techniques...

Norwegian jazz vocalist with an effortless mien, boasts good range and impeccable taste. / An adventurous singer who is quite versatile, Karin Krog is able to sing anything from standards to fairly free improvisations. She made her recording debut in 1964, appeared at many jazz festivals in Europe in the mid-'60s, and in 1967, came to the U.S., performing and recording with the Don Ellis Orchestra and Clare Fischer's trio.
Karin KrogJacob Young
Where Flamingos Fly (Mitchell Froom / James Kennedy / David LaFlamme) 4:44
I'm Shadowing You (Blossom Dearie / Johnny Mercer) 3:32
Caravan (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol) 5:26
from Where Flamingos Fly 2003
Jacob Young was born in 1970 in Lillehammer, Norway, and currently resides in Oslo. He began studying guitar on his own at the age of 12 after being introduced to jazz by his father, an American. He studied music at the University of Oslo and received a scholarship to the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. While in New York, he studied the jazz repertoire as a gateway to harmonic improvisation. His primary instructor was the legendary guitarist Jim Hall, who influenced his tone. Young studied with Hall privately as well as in ensemble settings. He also took private instruction from guitarist John Abercrombie, one of the mainstays of ECM Records.

Pioneering fusion guitarist who explored everything from psychedelic rock to unaccompanied acoustic music to straight-ahead bebop. / As one of the pioneers of jazz-rock -- perhaps the pioneer in the ears of some -- Larry Coryell deserves a special place in the history books. He brought what amounted to a nearly alien sensibility to jazz electric guitar playing in the 1960s, a hard-edged, cutting tone, and phrasing and note-bending that owed as much to blues, rock, and even country as it did to earlier, smoother bop influences.

Larry Coryell 
Immer Geradeaus (Larry Coryell) 6:38
Good Citizen Swallow (Larry Coryell) 6:11
Tricycles (Mark Egan) 6:23
from Tricycles 2004
Jazz über-guitarist Larry Coryell ha been hinting at a studio set like this for a long time now: a solid, top-to-bottom six-string jazz date with a crack rhythm section. Drummer Paul Wertico was on board for the dates that produced the Power Trio album, but the addition of bassist Mark Egan in the studio balances this equation perfectly. Interestingly, Wertico and Egan are both former sidemen from the Pat Metheny Group (albeit at different times). One thing both players have in common, and makes them so integral here, is their love of lyricism. Coryell, who has an astonishing variety of styles at his ready disposal, concentrates on it here in spades...

Progressive jazz scientists who found a way to put a modern rock-oriented spin on jazz while still honoring its forward-thinking traditions. / Are the Bad Plus a pop- and rock-influenced jazz trio? Or are they a power trio whose members like to play jazz? It's really a bit of both. But in the brave new world of postmodern jazz, identity crises are encouraged. Reid Anderson (bass) and David King (drums) grew up in Minnesota, while pianist Ethan Iverson spent his formative years in Wisconsin. Eventually, after crossing paths in such unlikely places as high-school rock showcases and tentative free jazz performances inside Upper Midwestern diners, the three first performed as the Bad Plus in 1990, but they would spend the '90s embracing separate influences, each musician developing a unique musical language that would gestate into the trio's iconoclastic jazz template.
The Bad Plus
Prehensile Dream (R. Alex Anderson) 8:12
Let Our Garden Grow 6:56
Knows the Difference (R. Alex Anderson) 6:59
(Theme From) Chariots of Fire (Vangelis) 4:54
from Suspicious Activity? 2005
Postmodern jazz trio the Bad Plus has caused a fair amount of debate in the jazz world with their mixture of post-bop vocabulary, rock-influenced feel, and D.I.Y. attitude. SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY?--the band's third album--is unlikely to settle any of those debates. With their funky, deconstructionist cover of Vangelis's "(Theme from) Chariots of Fire" and their shape-shifting originals, the Bad Plus are full of surprises...

A distinguished Austrian guitarist, composer, label owner and contributor to the worlds of jazz and contemporary classical music. / Wolfgang Muthspiel is an Austrian guitarist, composer, and founder/owner of Material Records. His intuitive, probing style has made him a celebrated, in-demand sideman since the 1980s. He has worked with Gary Burton, Youssou N’Dour, Gary Peacock, Dave Liebman, Paul Motian, and dozens more.

Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio
Etude #2 4:59
Shanghai 6:06
East Coasting (Charles Mingus) 4:32
from Bright Side 2006
Like the earlier guitar master Johnny Smith, whose extraordinary melodicism and dazzling technique he shares, Wolfgang Muthspiel offers a rare combination of accessibility and sophistication. And with Bright Side he's created an album as lyrical, elegant and poised as Smith's 1953 masterpiece, Moonlight In Vermont (reissued by Roulette, 2004). It's heart-stoppingly beautiful music, and I haven't heard anything as gorgeous, luscious, joyous, shimmering, subtle and divine since Hendrik Meurkens' Amazon River (Blue Toucan, 2005) last summer... Bright Side is the debut release from the trio he formed two years ago with the Pilcher twins, bassist Matthias and drummer Andreas.

This Norwegian power trio melds jazz improvisation with prog rock composition and heavy metal's dynamics. / Bushman's Revenge is a Norwegian power trio who seamlessly meld jazz improvisation with heavy metal dynamics and prog rock. The band was founded in 2003 by guitarist Even Helte Hermansen, bassist Rune Nergaard, and drummer Gard Nilssen.
Bushman's Revenge
Son of a Bushman (Even Helte Hermansen) 2:40
Mary Ann All You (Even Helte Hermansen) Can 11:36
Hymne (Even Helte Hermansen) 5:35
from Cowboy Music 2007
Recorded: Audiopol, Skien, Norway, 17-18th August 2006
After establishing a near rabid live following in clubs and garnering some festival invitations, the band's debut, Cowboy Music, was recorded for saxophonist Jon Klette's Jazzaway Records in 2007.

Per "Texas" Johansson
Holon (Per "Texas" Johansson) 7:27
Bulten (Per "Texas" Johansson) 4:06
The Yellow Leaves' Love to the Earth (Lars Gullin) 5:38
from Swedish Jazz Masters: Holon 2008

Having formed only two years ago, Shabaka Hutchings (tenor sax, clarinet), Neil Charles (electric and synth bass) and Tom Skinner (drums, keyboards and voice) have been creating quite an impression on the live circuit. Augmented by carefully deployed electronica, their chosen way of working alternates between the resonant echo-heavy interiors of dub and a standard jazz trio.
The Forest (Shabaka Hutchings) 4:25
Traveller (Shabaka Hutchings) 4:19
Tikya USA (Neil Charles, Shabaka Hutchings, Tom Skinner)
from Night Time On The Middle Passage 2009
For anybody whose first acquaintance with sax/clarinet newcomer Shabaka Hutchings came via his imposing contribution to the Anglo-US Liberation Music Orchestra at Ornette Coleman's Meltdown last week, this trio recording - also featuring Neil Charles, formerly bassist with Empirical, and drummer Tom Skinner - might be surprising in its reserved impressionism and subtly textured reflection. Hutchings's skills as a fierce free-blaster were called upon at Meltdown, but here he plays more sparingly and wistfully, at times almost classically. The set confirms Zed-U as a group of real promise, from the folksy feel of The Forest through the initially smoky and then rougher feel of Roki. Hutchings pulls off an emotional Albert Ayler vibrato on Surman 1, and there's a stomping, thrashy feel suggestive of Acoustic Ladyland on Chief. This is a band that knows how to make punchy music without the usual cliches.

Guitarist Russell Malone is a versatile performer who shines in both hard-swinging and mellow, user-friendly contexts. / An adept jazz guitarist with a clean attack and fluid, lyrical style, Russell Malone often plays in a swinging, straight-ahead style, weaving in elements of blues, gospel, and R&B.
Russell Malone
Honeybone (Russell Malone) 4:55
Pecan Pie (Russell Malone) 3:44
Do I Love You (Cole Porter) 3:16
from Triple Play 2010
Russell Malone's Triple Play is a notable session because it mixes his infectious originals with a number of decades-old songs that have unjustly been overlooked. Superbly accompanied by bassist David Wong and drummer Montez Coleman... All in All, Triple Play is an impressive outing by Russell Malone.

Elite jazz pianist with an inventive, whimsical style and stunning, highly intelligent music. / Iyer kicked off 2011 with a new band called Tirtha, a trio with electric guitarist Prasanna and virtuoso tabla player Nitin Mitta. The group released a self-titled album on ACT early in the year and toured globally in support of it; the album appeared on many jazz critics' year-end lists
Vijay Iyer 
Prasanna, Nitin Mitta
Duality (Vijay Iyer) 5:59
Tirtha (Vijay Iyer) 7:04
Entropy And Time (T.R. Subramanyam) 7:56
from Tirtha 2011
Pianist and composer Vijay Iyer cut five albums in 2010 in various ensemble and solo settings. He was also was nominated for a Grammy for 2009's stellar Historicity. To kick off 2011, Iyer releases the much-anticipated Tirtha project; the debut recording of a new band that came together for the first time in 2007. Tirtha features Iyer on piano, virtuoso Nitin Mitta on tablas, and guitarist-composer Prasanna. Together they engage in a triangular dialogue between modern creative jazz, Hindustani (north-Indian classical) and Carnatic (south-Indian classical) music. What Tirtha's music is not, is mere jazz exotica or "fusion." What takes place along composed and improvised lines is a deep communication from the various places where these musics meet and diverge. The players engage one another through familiar and new harmonic ideas in spirited counterpoint, seamless dissonance, and complex lyric invention, all incorporated in a polyrhythmic language.

Silencio is a band that defines its own genre. To those who haven't heard them, Morphine is probably the closest comparison in terms of style and mood, with additional resemblances to Lana Del Rey, the Velvet Underground, Tom Waits and Enya. If that sounds like a nonsensical mix, impossible to imagine, then you probably haven't listened to the music of Angelo Badalamenti, the versatile composer who collaborated with Lynch on the "David Lynch sound:" a mix of jazz, dream pop, sinister neo-rockabilly, art song and industrial music.
A Dream In Blue 2:07
Harvest Companion 2:09
Slow Sin Jazz 3:08
Lalina 4:01
from Music Inspired By the Works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti 2012
It goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of Silencio, especially since the night I’ve seen them perform live in New York a few months ago. Today I’m happy to announce that the band’s outstanding debut album, Music Inspired By the Works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti, has been released digitally on iTunes and Amazon.com. Even though Silencio performs plenty of songs from the David Lynch movie soundtracks during their live shows, this album contains nothing but original material that sounds like “outtakes from some of Badalamenti’s Lynch-iest sessions“. No kidding, David Lynch needs to make a movie for this music.

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