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2017. szeptember 15., péntek


10 EXCiTiNG TRACKS / FRONTLiNE Kelela, Kllo, Four Tet, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, The xx, Jamie xx, The Clientele, St. Vincent, Phoebe Bridgers, The Horrors, Tori Amos

Kelela - Frontline 5:39
The 34-year old singer Kelela Mizanekristos continually visits the same set of spaces, sonically and emotionally, all for the purpose of finding a more perfect way to articulate love and loss in her futuristic music... Produced in collaboration with Jam City, “Frontline” is both gentle and brutal. He provides Kelela with waves of luxurious synthesizer that lead the listener to a supple oasis, only to confront them with a wall of pummeling percussion. Kelela’s singing is tactile and evocative, but arranged in such a way that it comes flying at a listener from every direction. The combination of her dizzyingly layered vocals and high-tech instrumentation lends the song a three-dimensional feel. While lyrically, she traverses over well-tread territory (here, leaving a shady lover in the dust), the quality of her craft has come amazingly far since her first mixtape, 2013’s Cut 4 Me. Kelela’s songs have always felt lived-in, but “Frontline” redefines Kelela’s sonic world, making it richer and more immersive.

Kllo - Nylon 4:14
The track is going to be part of their debut full length album Backwater (October 20th)... The Australian cousin duo have "traveled" through various genres in their career so far and I have to say - time and time again Chloe and Simon never disappoint.
Their latest release, a song called "Nylon" is one of the most beautiful, soothing, electro-driven ballads.
'Nylon is the most minimal track off the album. It was originally a production driven uk-inspired pop song but as we progressed with it, we stripped it back more and more to eventually end up with a piano ballad.
It is about disorientation when growing older, but with a mind still too young to take on the serious commitments of what's in front of you - and how suffocating it can be to try and hold yourself up to those expectation.'

Four Tet - Scientists 4:59
Kirean Hebden surreptitiously announced a new Four Tet album called New Energy, and he’s shared a new song from it. It’s the fourth song we’ve heard from it so far following “Two Thousand And Seventeen,” Planet,” and “SW9 9SL.” This new one’s called “Scientists”...

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - To Feel Your Best 6:20
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s new full-length The Kid is due out October 6, courtesy of Western Vinyl. The L.A. singer-songwriter and noted synth expert has already released two strong singles from the ambitious album, which is an unusually pop-song-oriented release for her: “An Intention” and “To Follow and Lead.” The latest, “To Feel Your Best,” is built off of an elaborate bed of interwoven vocal samples. Eventually, Smith slowly begins to develop a ruminative pop chorale on top of it, with a groovy backbeat and hints of saxophone, flute, and strings drifting up underneath the whole edifice at tasteful moments.

The xx - On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) 6:11
Jamie xx is his band’s beatmaker and backbone—if he puts the right oomph behind a song, it can feel both powerful and sublime. As a solo artist, his most aggressive moments are often his best, like “Gosh,” from his album, In Colour... This remix reaches for some dynamism, by way of Ibiza. Three minutes in, xx singer Oliver Sim repeats the staccato mantra, “I thought that we could be lovers.” Digital chimes explode all around him, dramatic synthesizer burts pittering a little marathon across the track. It’s a perfect song for hearing everywhere. Knowing the origin story of a group like the xx—awkward teens recording songs about their broken hearts over Skype—a remix like this is incredible, if only for the fact of its simple existence, how it’s so far away from the dweeby London universe that bred them. If you’re an old-school xx diehard, this remix may not necessarily be something you choose to listen to, but chances are you are going to hear it (or something a lot like it) the next time you need new pants.

The Clientele - Everything You See Tonight Is Different from Itself 6:39
The Clientele are back this morning with a third preview of their long-awaited comeback album Music For The Age Of Miracles. Following “Lunar Days” and “Everyone You Meet” is the nearly seven-minute “Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself.” With its understated electronic pulse and Alasdair MacLean’s low-register grumbling, it starts out sounding like the Clientele’s version of an Arab Strab song before the light bursts in one minute into the song. What follows is an extremely lovely, marginally psychedelic baroque pop odyssey that I highly recommend you

St. Vincent - Los Ageless 4:41
Los Angeles tends to inspire two types of songs: reverential tributes to the city’s beauty, glamour, and opportunity and sour critiques of its vanity. File Annie Clark’s nod to her adopted home in that latter category...Recorded as if mid-temper tantrum, “Los Ageless” mocks the city with a spiteful runway thump, which she overlays with hardened synths (with more than a few shades of Depeche Mode) and just enough of her gnarly guitar to assure you she hasn’t forgotten about her signature instrument. Every sound feels curdled, as if to telegraph her anger—something her voice does just fine on its own. “You really did it now!” she lashes out. “I’m a monster and you’re a sacred cow!” On “New York,” she radiated affection for her unavailable muse, but on “Los Ageless,” she’s too numbed by rejection to even consider a positive spin. The city, it seems, brings out Clark at her most ferocious.

Phoebe Bridgers - Motion Sickness 3:49
Phoebe Bridgers released an emotive, gorgeous single called “Smoke Signals” at the beginning of the year, and today she announced that her debut album will be out in September. “Smoke Signals” is the opening song on Stranger In The Alps, and Bridgers just shared another called “Motion Sickness.” This song is an aching betrayal, a story of a friendship or relationship that collapsed under some unknowable pressure. “I hate you for what you did/ And I miss you like a little kid,” Bridgers sings, before her rage takes hold later on. “There are no words in the English language/ I could scream to drown you out.”

The Horrors - Weighed Down 6:31
The band channel an elegant sense of electronic melancholia, with the dubbed out effects layered against those probing guitar lines.
The fuzzed up breakdown finds analogue synths being put through the thresher, before Faris Badwan plunges back in with a pleading, yearning vocal.
There's a real feeling of danger, of risk at play on 'Weighed Down' with The Horrors allowing the song to stretch out, to find its own identity.

Tori Amos - Wings 4:09
Next week, Tori Amos is releasing a new album, Native Invader, and we’ve heard a few tracks from it so far, including “Cloud Rider,” “Up The Creek,” and “Reindeer King.” She recently went on BBC Radio 2’s Arts Show with Jonathan Ross and unveiled another song called “Wings.”

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