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2017. december 3., vasárnap

03-12-2017 12:51 # 40 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 3h 29m (from last few years)

03-12-2017 12:51 # 50 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 3h 29m (from last few years) Stereolab, Soviet Soviet, Childish Gambino, Charles Howl, Yonatan Gat, Arab Strap, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Hoops, Syd Arthur, Calexico, Houndstooth, Eerie Wanda, Blue Iverson, Feist


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Acclaimed London-based indie pop band with Motorik, Krautrock-influenced beats and grinding organs. / Combining an inclination for melodic '60s pop with an art rock aesthetic borrowed from Krautrock bands like Faust and Neu!, Stereolab were one of the most influential alternative bands of the '90s. Led by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, Stereolab either legitimized forms of music that were on the fringe of rock, or brought attention to strands of pop music -- bossa nova, lounge-pop, movie soundtracks -- that were traditionally banished from the rock lineage.
Prisoner of Mars (Tim Gane / Laetitia Sadier) 4:03
Brakhage (Tim Gane / Laetitia Sadier) 5:30
Miss Modular  (Tim Gane / Laetitia Sadier) 4:29
from Dots and Loops 2017
Stereolab’s masterpiece fused analog with digital, past with future, Marxism with the commercial magic of music through a pristine record that defined an age of “recombinant pop"... It’s the first album on which Stereolab actually made the rhythm-focused, rock-averse music that they’d long striven toward—a late-90s’ version of Neu!’s headlong quest into some imaginary future, precision-tooled using cutting-edge studio technology so that every chord and vocal line becomes immaculate hi-fi test material.

Italian post-punk revivalists who evoke Gary Numan and Joy Division in their tightly wound songs. / Hailing from the coastal town of Pesaro, Italy, the post-punk-inspired trio Soviet Soviet feature vocalist/bassist Andrea Giometti, vocalist/guitarist Alessandro Costantini, and drummer Alessandro Ferri. After forming in 2008, the band made a name for itself the following year with consistent touring and self-released singles
Soviet Soviet
Fairy Tale (Soviet Soviet) 3:31
Remember Now (Soviet Soviet) 5:22
Rainbow (Soviet Soviet) 5:48
from Endless 2016
Even if Felte hadn't reissued the early EP collection Nice a few months before Endless, the leap Soviet Soviet make on their second album would still seem significant. On those EPs and their first full-length, Fate, they sometimes felt a little too indebted to their post-punk roots, but during the three years between their debut and this album, they refined their music by taking it on the road. Soviet Soviet wrote much of Endless' songs while on tour, and that live energy makes itself felt in some of their most exciting songs yet...

Polymath Donald Glover is a comedian, actor, writer, and under the name Childish Gambino, a creator of off-kilter rap and psychedelic soul. / Whether doing standup, acting on TV and in movies, or performing his off-kilter hip-hop and funk under the name Childish Gambino, it's impossible not to be impressed by Donald Glover's talents.
Childish Gambino
Me and Your Mama (Donald Glover / Ludwig Göransson / Zac Rae) 6:19
Boogieman (Donald Glover / Ludwig Göransson) 3:36
Baby Boy (Donald Glover / Ludwig Göransson) 6:23
from "Awaken, My Love!" 2016
...That same on-paper ability is what makes “Awaken, My Love!” a well-executed project: He has clearly absorbed a great deal of musical history, as the album nods to Parliament-Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, Rick James, Prince, and more. There are times, however, when that nodding feels more like mimicry than anything else. Maybe he’ll figure out how to smuggle Donald Glover’s heart into Childish Gambino’s brain eventually, but if he hasn’t figured out what he wants out of Childish Gambino yet, it’s increasingly rewarding watching him try.

London-based band that combines the trippy psych of the '60s with the hazy psych of '90s dream poppers. / With one foot in the jangling, psychedelic world of the '60s and one in the jangling, psychedelic world of '90s dream pop, London's Charles Howl add in some surf, post-punk, indie pop, and '70s German rock influences to round their sound out nicely. Comprising guitarist/vocalist Danny Nellis (aka Charles Howl) and guitarist Bobby Syme (aka Danny Voltaire)
Charles Howl
So Long 4:19
Lunacy 3:58
The New Shade 3:26
from Sir Vices 2015
The duo of Charles Howl and Danny Voltaire are lovers of hazy, misty psychedelic sounds as heard since the 1960s. As the rhythm section of the Proper Ornaments, they get a chance to play a Velvet Underground style, but on their own as the driving force behind the band Charles Howl, they cast a wide net that gathers in all sorts of trippy sounds on their debut album Sir Vices. Taking all they can from the best practitioners of psychedelic sounds, whether it's the rambling feel of the 13th Floor Elevators, the tinny jangle of the Paisley Underground bands, the repetitive waves of sound of My Bloody Valentine, or the reverb-heavy crunch of modern groups like Crystal Stilts...

Co-founder of high energy Israeli rock trio Monotonix stepped out into a solo career based around his gifted guitar playing. / Yonatan Gat was one of the founders of high energy Israeli trio Monotonix, a band known for their wild live shows and tireless work ethic. Monotonix toured the world non-stop for several years with their psych-heavy hard rock, and when the band called it a day in 2011, Gat continued on solo.
Yonatan Gat
East to West 5:06
Canal 1:28
North to South 5:48
from Director 2015
...In the much-missed Monotonix, guitarist Yonatan Gat was the anchor, but his music since is clearly the product of a frenzied, restless spirit. Here, Gat and company touch on everything from bossa nova to soukous, Tortoise-style jazz-rock to the head-swimming spazz-outs of Ponytail...

Compelling Scottish band create raw, folk-edged indie music, with occasional elements of dance.  / Arab Strap's music featured frank, unflinching narratives about sex and drugs spoken/sung in a thick Scottish brogue, backed by drum machines, electronic loops, and sparse guitar melodies. Initially a duo, their sound became richer and more ambitious as they toured and collaborated with additional musicians. A major part of the Glasgow music scene which spawned Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai, they were among Scotland's most acclaimed bands of the 1990s and 2000s.
Arab Strap
The First Big Weekend (Malcolm Middleton / Aidan Moffat) 4:54
Love Detective (Malcolm Middleton / Aidan Moffat) 4:00
Don't Ask Me to Dance (Malcolm Middleton / Aidan Moffat) 4:00
from Arab Strap  2016
Beloved Scottish indie duo Arab Strap called it a day in 2006, but they reunited for a one-off gig in 2011, and then for a few more in 2016, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their debut single and album. Around the time of the reunion shows, they also issued Arab Strap, a 20-track retrospective compiling highlights from their decade-long run, during which they released six studio albums and several non-album singles. Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton had previously stated interest in re-forming for additional concerts, but not in writing and recording new material, as the hedonistic subject matter of their lyrics was so closely linked with their younger days...

Influential art punk band whose experimental sound harnessed self-destructing melodies, scattershot rhythms, and industrial-strength dissonance. / Pere Ubu emerged from the urban wastelands of mid-'70s Cleveland to impact the American underground for generations to come; led by hulking frontman David Thomas, whose absurdist warble and rapturously demented lyrics remained the band's creative focus throughout their long, convoluted career, Ubu's protean art punk sound harnessed self-destructing melodies, scattershot rhythms, and industrial-strength dissonance to capture the angst and chaos of their times with both apocalyptic fervor and surprising humanity. Named in honor of Alfred Jarry's surrealist play Ubu Roi, Pere Ubu was formed in the autumn of 1975 from the ashes of local cult favorite Rocket from the Tombs, reuniting Thomas (aka Crocus Behemoth) with guitarist Peter Laughner; adding guitarist Tom Herman, bassist Tim Wright, keyboardist Allen Ravenstine, and drummer Scott Krauss, the group soon issued their debut single
Pere Ubu
Monkey Bizness (Pere Ubu) 2:18
Prison of the Senses (Pere Ubu) 2:11
I Can Still See (Pere Ubu) 4:20
from 20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo 2017
The fact that Pere Ubu has been flying under the radar for the majority, if not the entirety, of the band's career is at the same time surprising and somewhat expected. Retaining an excellent balance between the sound that defined the late '70s to mid-'80s, in new wave and post-punk, and at the same time layering that foundation with avant-garde augmentations, Pere Ubu is not a very easy band to follow. Aspects of musique concrete and krautrock notions living beside blues and garage rock is a strange mix, no matter how successful Pere Ubu was in nailing the bizarre cocktail...

Freaked-out psychedelic madness by way of Melbourne, Australia. / Although they formed in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's sense of unfettered sonic exploration makes them easy to mistake for a long-forgotten relic of the psych explosion of the '60s. With a far-out sound that, at times, feels barely held together, King Gizzard evoke the eclectic rock experimentation of Frank Zappa's early work with the Mothers of Invention as they follow their musical flights of fancy wherever they might go, and let the rest just fall into place on its own
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Rattlesnake (Stu Mackenzie) 7:48
Open Water (Stu Mackenzie) 7:13
Flying Microtonal Banana (Stu Mackenzie / Joey Walker) 2:34
from Flying Microtonal Banana 2017
On this sprawling new album, the Australian psych-rock band hoists its freak flag a few inches higher up the pole. It flutters in a more gentle breeze.

A French actress and singer who carried on the provocative legacy of her famous father, Serge Gainsbourg. / Charlotte Gainsbourg may be better known as an accomplished actress than as a musician, but her singing career has also been significant. Around the same time she began acting, Gainsbourg also started singing professionally. At 13 years old, she recorded her debut, Charlotte for Ever, an album of songs written by her father, 
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Ring-a-Ring O' Roses (SebastiAn) 4:28
Kate (SebastiAn) 3:40
Sylvia Says (SebastiAn) 4:27
Dans vos airs (Connan Mockasin / Sebastian) 3:33
from Rest 2017
Sung mostly in French, Gainsbourg’s gripping new album finds her in the tangles of grief. It is at once scorchingly intimate and fantastically oversized... On Rest, Gainsbourg doesn’t just reveal her pain, but monumentalizes it, lays out a red carpet, and invites people to watch. Her refusal to be sequestered by grief is, quite literally, a death-defying feat.

Bloomington, Indiana indie rockers whose lo-fi sound displays a remarkable songwriting prowess, summery and with bright, catchy melodies. /  Hoops appeared seemingly out of nowhere in late 2015, when their Tape #2 was uploaded to YouTube and immediately made its way onto music hype blogs, where it was showered with praise. Their lo-fi sound, reminiscent of '80s college rock, dream pop, shoegaze, and yacht rock
Sun's Out 2:49
On Top 3:45
Worry 4:23
from Routines 2017
Named after the hoop houses at a day job (not basketball), Bloomington, Indiana's Hoops make their full-length debut with Routines. It follows a handful of cassettes that landed them a record deal with Fat Possum, and a D.I.Y. EP that generated a certain amount of buzz and anticipation in the indie music press. Given their reverb-heavy, lo-fi complexion, it was intriguing -- perhaps alarming to some -- to learn that the band logged their first sessions in a professional studio for the album. It turns out that fans of their murky melodicism needn't have worried: the group ended up doing a second pass on the original recordings, altering some and re-recording others in a family member's basement to get the desired results...

Jazzy psych-rock quartet from Canterbury, England influenced by classic '60s and '70s proto-prog and psychedelia, played through a modern lens. 
Syd Arthur
Coal Mine (Syd Arthur / Liam Magill) 4:28
No Peace (Syd Arthur / Liam Magill) 4:19
Apricity (Syd Arthur / Liam Magill) 4:06
from Apricity 2016
On their third LP in four years, British psych-rock quartet Syd Arthur forge a new path, altering both their personnel and overall approach. For most of its existence, the Canterbury-based group has been a contained element, exploring, rehearsing, and producing its dynamic prog-inspired work from its own homegrown studio, Bramble Hall. Arriving in 2016, Apricity sees not only the departure of longtime drummer Fred Rother, but also the band's first collaboration with an outside producer in California pop maestro Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, TV Eyes). Replacing Rother on drums is Josh Magill, younger brother to both singer/guitarist Liam Magill and bassist Joel Magill, making strings/keys utility man Raven Bush the only member not bearing the family name. While Syd Arthur's penchant for unconventional time signatures and clever jazzy riffing remains...

An imaginative American multi-instrumentalist duo whose roots-influenced music draws on highly eclectic influences, from Tex-Mex to indie rock. 
Falling from the Sky (Joey Burns / John Burns) 3:22
Cumbia de Donde (Joey Burns / Sergio Mendoza) 3:09
Woodshed Waltz (Joey Burns / John Burns / John Convertino) 3:29
from Edge Of The Sun 2015
Calexico have had a chiaroscuro career: after each of the band's more somber efforts, they tend to return with something lighthearted. Such is the case with Edge of the Sun: arriving after Algiers' journey into New Orleans noir, it feels like a working holiday -- probably because it was close to one, with Joey Burns, John Convertino, and company spending ten days in Coyoacán, a Mexico City borough, for inspiration (later on, they recorded in Los Angeles and Athens, among other locales). Despite its Mexican beginnings, Edge of the Sun often tips toward Calexico's affable Americana...

This Portland, Oregon quintet combines subtle country-rock and classic jangling indie to evoke the sound of a restless, bittersweet journey across the U.S. 
Bliss Boat (Katie Bernstein / John Gnorski) 4:26
No News from Home (Katie Bernstein / John Gnorski) 3:34
Wasted Hours (Katie Bernstein / John Gnorski) 3:51
from No News from Home 2015
The second studio long-player from the Portland, Oregon-based indie rock unit, No News from Home finds Houndstooth doubling down on the fuzzed-out, Americana-laced dream pop of their 2013 debut, offering up an evocative ten-track set that skillfully pairs the confectionary with the cerebral. Katie Bernstein's laconic delivery lends an air of rural, garage-rock cool to standout cuts like "Amelia," "Borderlands," and the wistful title track, but where contemporaries like Courtney Barnett and Alvvays go wry, Bernstein, perhaps in a nod to the overcast skies of her Pacific Northwest stomping grounds, opts for a sort of bucolic melancholia...

Indie pop group from Amsterdam led by Croatian/Dutch singer/songwriter Marina Tadic. / Eerie Wanda are an indie pop quartet from Amsterdam led by Croatian/Dutch singer/songwriter Marina Tadic. After a stint playing guitar in an Amsterdam group called Earth Mk. II, Tadic began writing her own material influenced by artists like Beat Happening, Young Marble Giants, and Daniel Johnston.
Eerie Wanda
Happy Hard Times (Marina Tadic) 3:09
Mirage (Marina Tadic) 4:00
Hum (Marina Tadic) 3:02
from Hum 2016
Sometimes musical collaborations sound like car crashes between two different elements that never belonged anywhere near each other. And sometimes when musicians get together, it sounds like a union of complementary visions. Case in point: Eerie Wanda's debut album, Hum. The pairing of Dutch singer/songwriter Marina Tadic and bassist Jasper Verhulst of Jacco Gardner's backing band is such a note-perfect match it could have been made by Cupid. Her gentle songs and lilting melodies are given a lightly bouncing background, perfectly recorded and produced by Verhulst in an organic manner very similar to that of his boss...

One half of the duo Hype Williams and a prolific, category-rejecting artist who released albums on Hippos in Tanks and Rough Trade.
Blue Iverson
Soulsleek 4:19
Brown Grrl 4:31
Hush Money 1:42
Fake Loathe 4:04
from Hotep 2017
Dean Blunt’s latest semi-unofficial side project is his least inscrutable, featuring 20 minutes of low-key, free-flowing vignettes made largely with guitars, keys, and samples... It wouldn’t be a Blunt record without a couple unconventional twists, but this is largely “rhythm and blues” boiled down to its original definition: jazzy, soulful blues music with a heavy beat.

Revered Canadian singer/songwriter with a haunting soprano voice and a unique style that draws on indie rock, folk, bossa nova, and jazz-pop. 
Pleasure (Feist / Dominic "Mocky" Salole) 4:45
Get Not High, Get Not Low (Feist) 4:57
Any Party (Feist / Dominic "Mocky" Salole) 5:22
from Pleasure 2017
For Feist to begin her first record in six years with a pregnant pause is a pretty bold move. The teasing, introductory silence is answered with lead single "Pleasure," which refuses to play to expectation. Much like her last record, Metals, eschewed her reputation as a creator of indie pop smashes like "1234" and "Mushaboom" through a series of moodily atmospheric pieces, Pleasure is yet another progression. The title track is a lusty take on raw, bluesy rock that echoes PJ Harvey at her most mischievous and playful...

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