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2018. március 17., szombat

17-03-2018 21:12 # 33 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 31m (from the recent past)

17-03-2018 21:12 # 33 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 31m (from the recent past) # Gemma Hayes, Car Seat Headrest, Levitation Room,Karl Blau, Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel, The Orielles, U.S. Girls, Of Montreal, Albert Hammond Jr., David Byrne, Hieroglyphic Being, Ministry, Turbowolf, Gloria, The Herbaliser, No Babies


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Irish folk-rock singer-songwriter whose 2002 debut was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize.
Gemma Hayes
Dark Moon (Gemma Hayes) 2:58
Laughter (Gemma Hayes) 4:53
from Bones + Longing 2015
Working again with longtime producer David Odlum, Gemma Hayes employs reverb and denser arrangements for a more defined indie rock feel on Bones + Longing, which remains lilting and well-crafted in her delicately avant-garde manner...

Raw guitars meet lo-fi synths in this one-man studio project from songwriter and musician Will Toledo. 
Car Seat Headrest
Fill in the Blank 4:04
Destroyed by Hippie Powers 5:03
from Teens Of Denial 2016
If you cranked out 11 homemade albums in just four years, you'd probably want to go big once you had the means to make a for-real long-player for a noted indie label. And though 2016's Teens of Denial isn't Car Seat Headrest's first album for Matador Records, this is the first one founder, frontman, and songwriter Will Toledo built from the ground up for the label. Arriving in 2015, Teens of Style was a re-recorded "best-of" that revisited Toledo's earlier material, but Teens of Denial is a grand-scale 70-minute song cycle about a kid named Joe who is wrestling with the traditional dilemmas of late adolescence and early adulthood...

Los Angeles-based psychedelic explorers meld garage rock energy with a lysergic sense of music adventure. 
Levitation Room
Strangers of Our Time (Levitation Room) 2:19
Loved (Levitation Room) 3:35
from Ethos 2016
The Southern California psychedelic garage rockers Levitation Room take inspiration from all the obvious '60s sources on their debut album, Ethos. One can hear traces of every band that ever showed up on a Nuggets comp, as well as all the weird groups who probably never even saw a tab of acid but were happy to pretend...

A prolific singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He is also an in-demand session and touring musician. 
Karl Blau
Slow Children 4:21
Beckon 6:17
from Out Her Space 2017
...Out Her Space contrasts with its predecessor in employing a mélange of soul, funk, jazz, indie, Afro-pop, and yes, country in these eight songs...

A singer, songwriter, pianist, writer, and performance artist with an experimental bent, Amanda Palmer was known as half of the Dresden Dolls before embarking on a solo career in 2007. She's also known for being half of the duo Evelyn Evelyn and for various side projects, including collaborations with Ben Folds, Jherek Bischoff, Brendan Maclean, her father, Jack Palmer, and her husband, writer Neil Gaiman.
Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel
Edward Ka-Spel has built an international following with his dark psychedelic folk melodies and astute lyrics, first as the enigmatic and prolific founder/lead singer of London-cum-Netherlands-based band the Legendary Pink Dots and then as a solo recording artist and performer.
Pulp Fiction 6:04
The Shock of Kontakt 7:15
from I Can Spin a Rainbow 2017
An almost Lynch-ian, primarily spoken word fever dream of a record, I Can Spin a Rainbow finds Amanda Palmer teaming up with childhood hero and Legendary Pink Dots co-founder Edward Ka-Spel for a trip down the rabbit hole. The mercurial Dresden Dolls bandleader and street theater performer has rarely sounded this subdued, but her hushed cadence is simpatico with Spel's whispery vocals and fractured electronics, and it's in that mutual admiration that I Can Spin a Rainbow casts its spell...

Trio of '90s worshipers from Halifax, U.K., with dream pop and disco influences that come together to give their indie pop sound a twist. 
The Orielles
Mango (Esme Hand-Halford / Sidonie Hand-Halford) 3:08
Sunflower Seeds (Esme Hand-Halford)  5:04
from Silver Dollar Moment 2018
The members of Halifax, U.K. trio the Orielles weren't born when the baggy movement was sweeping the music scene, but that doesn't stop them from sounding like the best baggy band that never was. With a happily loose rhythm section, alternately shimmering and biting guitar, groovy keyboards, and songs that bob and weave like flyweight boxers, the sound they get on their debut album, Silver Dollar Moment, is fully formed and more impressively together than any baggy band bar the Stone Roses at their best...

Moody indie project helmed by Meg Remy that began with experiments on a reel-to-reel tape machine and expanded to live band recordings. 
U.S. Girls
Velvet 4 Sale (Meg Remy / Maximilian Turnbull) 3:44
Rosebud (Rich Morel / Meg Remy) 3:09
from In a Poem Unlimited 2018
On 2015's Half Free, U.S. Girls' Meg Remy combined some of the project's earlier tape loop experimentation and use of samples with the more polished avant pop of its previous album, GEM. Three years later, she returns with yet a different approach, collaborating with improvisational music collective the Cosmic Range for a dedicated live sound that lives and breathes like a festival stage. (U.S. Girls) In a Poem Unlimited features a six-piece core version of the Toronto funk-fusion band -- one of whom is Remy's husband and frequent collaborator Maximilian Turnbull, aka Slim Twig -- along with over a dozen additional guests...

 Athens, Georgia outfit led by Kevin Barnes, who's traversed kaleidoscopic indie and boundary-breaking electropop informed by glam, punk, and folk-rock.
Of Montreal
Soft Music/Juno Portraits of the Jovian Sky (Kevin Barnes) 5:35
Sophie Calle Private Game/Every Person Is a Pussy, Every Pussy Is a Star! (Kevin Barnes) 8:08
from White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood 2018
Of Montreal's 15th studio LP, White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood follows an eclectic but synth-friendly album, Innocence Reaches, by nearly two years... Zac Colwell (woodwinds, synths, percussion) is a former collaborator whose judiciously placed saxophone reinforces the '80s effect here, and touring bandmembers JoJo Glidewell (synths, keys) and Clayton Rychlik (drums) have been part of Of Montreal's recording core for much of the 2010s. Still, as Barnes is often wont to do, White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood doesn't sound quite like anything they've done prior, once one looks beyond its distinctively serpentine quality and Barnes' calling-card loquaciousness...

 Strokes guitarist whose solo material diverged entirely from the garage sensations, with jaunty, Beatlesque pop.
Albert Hammond, Jr.
DVSL (Albert Hammond, Jr.)  2:57
Tea for Two (Albert Hammond, Jr. / Tyler Parkford) 4:08
from Francis Trouble 2018
As far as album concepts go, Francis Trouble's is one of a kind. For his fourth solo effort, Albert Hammond, Jr. took inspiration from the fact that a small part of his stillborn twin Francis -- a fingernail, to be exact -- remained in the womb with him until his birth six months later. This could be morose subject matter, but Hammond, Jr. doesn't take it too seriously. Instead, Francis Trouble's comic book-inspired artwork and conception of Francis as a character in his own right emphasizes how lively this music is...

 Long-time frontman of the Talking Heads, went on to be a respected solo artist and label owner with strong world music influences.
David Byrne
I Dance Like This (David Byrne / Brian Eno) 3:33
Every Day Is a Miracle (David Byrne / Brian Eno) 4:46
This Is That (David Byrne / Daniel Lopatin) 4:31
from American Utopia 2018
"Is this meant ironically? Is it a joke? Do I mean this seriously? In what way?" David Byrne seems to be simultaneously inviting and acknowledging some likely reactions to his 2018 album, American Utopia, in his own liner notes. At a time when America has been thrown into a state of chaos -- something Byrne witnessed and creatively reacted to as an artist during the Reagan era -- here he imagines what appears to be an alternate version of the United States and the people who live in it...

 Restlessly prolific, fearlessly experimental Chicago house artist heavily influenced by free jazz, industrial, and musique concrete.
Hieroglyphic Being
Youth Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults (Jamal Moss) 4:40
The Emotional Listener (Jamal Moss) 7:30
from The Red Notes 2018
The Red Notes is the third Soul Jazz-issued full-length by Chicago experimental house producer Jamal Moss, and compared to the first two (Hieroglyphic Being's The Acid Documents and Africans with Mainframes' K.M.T.), this one isn't nearly as noisy, pounding, or acid-drenched. It's relatively mellow, with chiming synth tones and beats that stamp or click rather than pound. Moss serves as a one-man ensemble, overdubbing numerous acoustic and electronic instruments ranging from flute and alto sax to several analog synthesizers...

 The band that first popularized industrial music in the 1980s, with heavy metal dynamics alongside synths, samples, and tape effects.
I Know Words 3:14
Victims of a Clown 8:18
from AmeriKKKant 2018
Considering the fact that Ministry spent the entirety of George W. Bush's presidency making albums expressing extreme hatred toward the commander in chief, followed by several albums and tours which they insisted would be their last, their re-emergence after the election of Donald Trump practically seems right on schedule. Sure enough, AmeriKKKant finds the industrial metal juggernauts railing against the alt-right, racist Internet trolls, fake news, and everything else to do with the aftermath of the 2016 election...

 A shape-shifting hard rock outfit from Bristol, England that offers up a heady mix of punk, psych-rock, metal, and electronica.
No No No (Chris Georgiadis / Andy Ghosh) 4:11
The Free Life (Chris Georgiadis / Andy Ghosh) 5:51
from The Free Life 2018
The third studio effort from the Bristol, England-based hard rock outfit, The Free Life delivers a tightly wound set of nervy roomshakers that meld the machine-like precision of Muse (minus the melodrama) with the kinetic garage punk attack of Royal Blood and Band of Skulls...

 Swaggering and sweet garage psych from a mysterious French band. / The French psych-pop band Gloria began as a studio project for guitarist Kid Victrola, who had been in other bands like Slow Joe & the Ginger Accident and Deborah Kant.
Heavy 3:44
Black Cat 3:44
from Oîdophon Echorama 2018
In 2016, the French group Gloria made a huge splash with their debut album, In Excelsis Stereo, on the Howlin' Banana label. Making claim on a rarely used corner of psych-garage that sounded like the Shangri-Las tripping while hanging backstage with the Stones, or at least Goldie & the Gingerbreads making time with the Birds, the mysterious band matched swaggering rockers with vocals provided by a trio of sweet-voiced women...

 Long-running British hip-hop group that combines laid-back grooves and turntable trickery with live instrumentation.
The Herbaliser
Breach 3:59
Submarine 4:15
from Bring Out the Sound 2018
The Herbaliser's eighth studio album delivers the group's expected blend of live-band funk, hip-hop attitude, and cinematic cool, but this time out, they incorporate an even bigger melting pot of influences than before...  While it seems like an album as eclectic as Bring Out the Sound could potentially sound scattered, the Herbaliser maintain a cohesive aesthetic, and everything goes down smoothly.

 Frenetic free jazz and punk-inspired no wave collective based out of Oakland, California.
No Babies
The Weight 1:52
Someone to Watch Over Me 4:22
from Someone to Watch Over Me 2018
Released seven years after their 2011 debut, Someone to Watch Over Me is the explosive sophomore full-length from wily West Coast no wave collective No Babies. Since forming in the late 2000s, this band has packed equal parts quirk and menace, merging herky-jerky rhythms with overblown free jazz horns and hurling political invectives in the D.I.Y. tradition of early hardcore...

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