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2018. március 2., péntek

02-03-2018 12:26 BLUES:MiX # 33 blues songs from the BLUES circle 2014-2018 # 2h 15m

02-03-2018 12:26 BLUES:MiX # 33 blues songs from the BLUES circle 2014-2018 # 2h 15m # Albert Castiglia, John Németh, Bettye LaVette, Seasick Steve, Jimbo Mathus, Big Jon Atkinson / Bob Corritore, Harvey Mandel, A.J. Croce, North Mississippi Allstars, The James Hunter Six, Jack White

B L U E S   M U S I C


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New York-born, Florida-based blues guitarist and singer with a powerful, electrified sound.
Albert Castiglia
Searching the Desert For the Blues (Graham Wood Drout) 4:38
Little Havana Blues (Arroz Con Mango) (Albert Castiglia) 5:38
from Solid Ground 2014
For “Solid Ground,” Albert joins forces with multi-instrumentalist and recording wizard Dave Gross at Fat Rabbit Studios in New Jersey for his best release to date, displaying a range of material certain to appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers. In addition to turning the knobs, Gross contributes percussion, upright bass and mandolin and backing vocals along with Castiglia’s regular backing unit of Matt Schuler (electric bass and vocals), Bob Amsel (drums) and Jeremy Baum (keyboards). Two other guitar talents – Debbie Davies and Lou Bevere – also are in attendance for one cut each... This CD is a pleaser, and far and away Castiglia’s best release to date, richly textured and solidly delivered with the potential to appear on “best of” lists at year’s end. Pick it up. You won’t be sorry!

A vocalist with great range, ability, and soulfulness, John Németh also developed into a top-notch blues harmonica player. / Born in 1975 in Idaho, John Németh grew up in Boise, where his first exposure to music was singing in the Catholic Church... He was 17 when a friend, Tom Moore, exposed him to the blues, and together they formed Fat John & the 3 Slims, which is still regarded as a legendary band in the Boise region.
John Németh
Three Times a Fool (Otis Rush) 5:04
Her Good Lovin' (John Németh) 4:05
Keep the Love a Comin' (John Németh) 4:34
from Memphis Grease 2014
John Németh's style of soul-blues, punctuated by his fine harp playing, has always had a Memphis edge even though he's from Idaho, which is why this set, produced by Scott Bomar in Bomar's Electraphonic Studio in Memphis and featuring the veteran Memphis soul band the Bo-Keys, makes such perfect sense. It's a warm, fun album, and it rises above being merely retro, thanks in no small part to Németh's open and unique approach to modern blue-eyed soul.
John Németh and The Bo-Keys

Stirring Northern soul singer who began recording in the 1960s, finally reached a deserved mass audience in the '00s. 
Bettye LaVette
Unbelievable (Bob Dylan) 3:15
Undamned (Linford Detweiler) 3:22
Just Between You and Me and the Wall, You're a Fool (James H. Brown Jr.) 6:39
from Worthy 2015
Bettye LaVette doesn't write her own songs, but she doesn't have to -- by the time she's finished singing a tune, LaVette has turned it into something entirely her own, an emotional statement that's original and complete... Joe Henry is a producer whose approach is less about studio technique and more about setting a mood and letting artists go where they will, and LaVette is the sort of artist who responds best to this treatment; on Worthy, LaVette sings with strength and passion, but she understands dynamics, knowing when to go full-out and when to rein herself in, and her tough but thoughtful approach to the material is powerfully effective and full of keen emotional intelligence and her soulful, sweet and sour voice.

Plymouth Barracuda 1968

Former hobo/indie rock recording engineer picks up the guitar late in life, playing raucous country blues from a bygone era. / Like T-Model Ford, Seasick Steve (aka Steve Wold) began recording his own bluesy music much later in life than other musicians.
Seasick Steve
Dog Gonna Play (Seasick Steve) 5:17
Sonic Soul Boogie (Seasick Steve) 5:21
Barracuda '68 (Seasick Steve) 4:21
from Sonic Soul Surfer 2015
John Lee Hooker built a long, rich career out of writing the same song over and over again for close to 50 years. That's not to say Hooker wasn't a great songwriter, as he most certainly was, but for him the most important thing wasn't the melody or the lyrics, but the boogie, the ceaseless forward rhythm that drove his music with an unholy force and was the foundation of nearly all his great songs. Seasick Steve is no John Lee Hooker, but he does share Hooker's true devotion to the deep and sinewy groove, an element that's run strong through Steve's music since he belatedly launched his recording career in 2006, and his albums have been cut from similar musical cloth, with the Seasick One wailing hard on a buzzy slide guitar while his rhythm section stomps behind him like the beat owes them money...

Co-founder of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, this Mississippi guitarist, singer, and songwriter carries the torch for Southern music traditions. / ... after the group's messy breakup, he went on to a prolific career as a guitarist, songwriter, and producer, defining his own brand of revved-up blues and roots music.
Jimbo Mathus
Shoot Out the Lights (Jimbo Mathus) 3:32
Blue Healer (Jimbo Mathus) 3:08
Save It for the Highway Jimbo Mathus) 3:11
from Blue Healer 2015
One of the more remarkable things about Jimbo Mathus' 2014 album Dark Night of the Soul was that amid its careening, roughshod juxtaposition of roadhouse rock & roll and juke joint blues were songs that sought redemption amid the chaos. Blue Healer feels like an extension of that offering, with a twist. Recorded with a host of friends, in analog, with Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum house studio maven Bruce Watson at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi, this set is a shambolic, loose-knit, and ambiguous concept record that offers myth and pathos jaggedly entwined with deeply personal songs about struggle and salvation...

Big Jon Atkinson is a keeper of the flame of mid-century electric blues, paying homage to the sounds of Chicago and the Delta. A native of Florida who was born in 1988, he grew up listening to old blues records in the '90s and 2000s, picking up the guitar as a teen
Big Jon Atkinson / Bob Corritore
A lifelong fan of the blues, Chicago-born producer/harmonica player Bob Corritore began collecting blues albums, playing harmonica, and attending blues gigs after he heard Muddy Waters on the radio when he was 12. Through his involvement in the Chicago blues scene, he made friends with many of the city's blues musicians, which led to Corritore performing at local clubs and forming his own blues record label, Blues Over Blues.
Goin' Back to Tennessee
Big Jon Atkinson) 2:49
It Wasn't Easy (Big Jon Atkinson) 4:38
Mojo in My Bread (Tom Courtney) 4:58
El Centro (Bob Corritore) 3:23
from House Party at Big Jon's 2016
House Party at Big Jon's is an unabashed valentine to not just the sound of Chess, but the feel. Compressed, spare, and gritty, this duet album between Bob Corritore and Big Jon Atkinson -- there are several other guests that stop by -- jumps and swings, ignoring any of the over-amplified guitar theatrics that came to define modern blues. Atkinson certainly can lay it down, but he's tasteful and sharp, interjecting precise solos and cutting loose with fiery leads when the situation calls for it. Such skills contrast nicely with Corritore's greasy harp, but the great thing about House Party at Big Jon's is that it's about vibe, not chops. This is a record that cooks, a record that sounds exactly like the house party it claims to be.

Legendary blues, jazz, rock, and funk guitarist and musical innovator also known as "Snake." His tapping technique has proved influential. / Self-taught guitarist Harvey Mandel began his career in the black blues clubs of Chicago, learning as much as he could from the masters of classic urban blues
Harvey Mandel
Snake Pit (Harvey Mandel) 5:27
Nightingail (Harvey Mandel) 5:28
Ode to B.B. (Harvey Mandel) 4:18
from Snake Pit 2016
...Snake Pit is his first widely distributed album in 20 years. It was recorded over two days at Berkley's Fantasy Studios and co-produced by the guitarist and Tompkins Square label boss Josh Rosenthal. Mandel's band is also from Chicago -- keyboardist Ben Boye, drummer Ryan Jewell, guitarist Brian Sulpizio, and bassist Anton Hatwich -- and have all have worked with Ryley Walker. None had met Mandel before the sessions. The guitarist played them sketches on his iPhone and the process happened organically. Strings and overdubs were added later, but most tracks were cut live in one or two takes. These eight instrumentals run the style gamut...

The son of Jim Croce, Adrian James Croce made his own musical mark with a combination of contemporary blues and soulful roots rock. He honed his piano skills as a boy, while recovering from a brain tumor that left him partially blind.
A.J. Croce
Gotta Get Outta My Head (A.J. Croce) 3:19
Name of the Game (Jim Croce) 3:10
from Just Like Medicine 2017
Following a successful demo session with producer Dan Penn, A.J. Croce decided to make Just Like Medicine -- the singer/songwriter's ninth record -- his first full-fledged soul album. Croce and Penn assembled a world-class crew of musicians -- Steve Cropper and Vince Gill are the superstar cameos but the entire band comprises pros -- and then settled into a well-worn groove that recalls the supple Memphis soul of the '60s...

Greasy, bluesy jam band led by brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson, sons of Memphis studio legend Jim Dickinson. / Moving into much rootsier territory than their former punk band DDT, brothers Luther (guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, sampling) formed the North Mississippi Allstars in 1996 with bassist Chris Chew. The sons of legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson...
North Mississippi Allstars
Prayer for Peace (Oteil Burbridge / Cody Dickinson / Luther Dickinson) 3:40
Miss Maybelle (R.L. Burnside) 2:40
Bird Without a Feather (R.L. Burnside) 4:34
61 Highway (Mississippi Fred McDowell) 3:05
from Prayer for Peace 2017
The North Mississippi Allstars celebrate their 20th anniversary (21st, actually) by going all the way back to their roots. Prayer for Peace is a set comprised mostly of blues and folk covers played by Luther & Cody Dickinson assisted by a cast of friends and longstanding collaborators. While five tracks were tracked at Grand Royal Studios in Memphis with co-producer Boo Mitchell, the remainder of the 11 tunes were cut all over the country with a host of guest musicians...

English channeler of American soul from days of yore (Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, et al), cult following since the 1990s. / James Hunter is one of the best (and one of the few) British blue-eyed soul singers to emerge in the late 20th century. Hunter began his roots music career in the 1980s under the name Howlin' Wilf. 
The James Hunter Six
The gritty, passionate, longstanding backing band of British soulman, songwriter, and guitarist James Hunter
I Don't Wanna Be Without You (James Hunter) 3:38
I Got Eyes (James Hunter) 2:17
Blisters (James Hunter) 2:46
from Whatever It Takes 2018
James Hunter has stubbornly been making unapologetically retro R&B records since the mid-'90s. The former railroad switchman has worked with Celtic Soul Brother Number 1 (Van Morrison) and has been celebrated by -- and opened for -- everyone from Tom Petty and Aretha Franklin to Etta James and Willie Nelson. Whatever It Takes is the James Hunter Six's second outing for Daptone. It was produced by label boss Bosco Mann (Gabriel Roth) and recorded live in the label's California studio, direct to eight-track analog tape and pressed to an acetate. The sound is flat, immediate, and just a tiny bit muddy -- it's all it should be...

Rock & roll auteur at the helm of the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, Dead Weather, and Third Man Records, plus production work and solo albums. / One of the most admired guitarists of the early 21st century, Jack White helped restore the popularity of punk-blues as the frontman of the White Stripes. Meanwhile, he widened his reach by participating in a range of other projects, including the Raconteurs, the Cold Mountain soundtrack, Loretta Lynn's comeback vehicle Van Lear Rose, the Dead Weather, and a solo career.
Jack White
Connected by Love 4:37
Respect Commander 4:33
Over and Over and Over 3:36
Jack White Announces New Album Boarding House Reach

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