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2018. április 12., csütörtök

12-04-2018 9:13 # 33 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 20m (from the recent past)

12-04-2018 9:13 # 33 alter tracks in PRSNT_PRFCT_MiX: 2h 20m (from the recent past) # No Babies, Queen of Jeans, Datarock, Curtis Harding, Exploded View, Kaleo, Feels, Shopping, Julia Holter, Nouvelle Vague, The War On Drugs, Ty Segall, Eels


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 Frenetic free jazz and punk-inspired no wave collective based out of Oakland, California.
No Babies
Someone to Watch Over Me 4:22
The Weight 1:52
from Someone to Watch Over Me 2018
Released seven years after their 2011 debut, Someone to Watch Over Me is the explosive sophomore full-length from wily West Coast no wave collective No Babies. Since forming in the late 2000s, this band has packed equal parts quirk and menace, merging herky-jerky rhythms with overblown free jazz horns and hurling political invectives in the D.I.Y. tradition of early hardcore...

Philly quartet formed in 2015 makes an updated mix of surf, dream pop, and psych-rock. 
Queen of Jeans
More to Love 3:06
Bat Your Eyes 4:05
from Dig Yourself 2018
Following a self-titled EP by two years, Dig Yourself is the first album and Topshelf Records debut for Queen of Jeans, a Philadelphia indie rock band led by singer and songwriter Miriam Devora. All four of them are members of the city's music scene who have played in other bands. What sets Queen of Jeans apart is a mix of surf rock, dream pop, and psychedelic rock that they weave into a fabric if its own.

Dance-oriented indie music with elements of funk, art rock, disco, and synth pop, Norwegian duo practically define "new rave." 
BMX 3:04
Beautiful Monster 4:31
from Face the Brutality 2018
... the group returns with their third studio effort, 2018's affable and surprisingly uplifting Face the Brutality. Pared well down from the aural extremism of The Musical, Face the Brutality doesn't work too hard to break boundaries, focusing instead on doing what Datarock does best: fusing hooky '80s new wave and electro elements into fun, cheeky dance-rock...

Versatile vocalist who has a way with soul, hip-hop, R&B, and garage rock, and isn't afraid to mix them up. 
Curtis Harding 
Wednesday Morning Atonement (Brian Burton / Sam Cohen / Curtis Harding) 4:28
Face Your Fear (Sam Cohen / Curtis Harding) 3:54
Ghost of You (Sam Cohen / Curtis Harding) 4:29
from Face Your Fear 2017
... It turns out Harding was just getting started; his second full-length, 2017's Face Your Fear, is an even more ambitious set of material, an exercise in psychedelic soul that feeds from a wide range of sounds and influences while still reflecting the mind and soul of Curtis Harding at every turn. While the production and arrangements on Face Your Fear are clearly informed by classic R&B and funk sounds of the '60s and '70s, along with the trippier edges of psychedelic soul, Harding and his studio collaborators (who include Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen) never seem to be reaching for some sort of Northern soul completists mindset; instead, they use the evocative textures of vintage African-American music as a jumping-off point for Harding's heartfelt, steet-smart tales of love, regret, family, and the pains and joys of everyday life...

Exploded View is a new collaborative project helmed by the UK-born, Berlin-based political-journalist-turned-musician Anika (Invada Records / Stones Throw). After playing a string of 2014 solo shows in Mexico with a backing lineup composed of local producers Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo, Anika and her new bandmates discovered a chemistry that they simply had to capture on tape.
Exploded View
Summer Came Early 3:26
Mirror of the Madman 3:46
from Summer Came Early EP 2017
After finishing the songs that became their self-titled debut LP for Sacred Bones, Exploded View decided to go back into the studio and record some more. Mixed in with some of the outtakes of the first record, such as “Mirror of the Madman,” the songs on Summer Came Early signal a step forward for the band, revealing more clarity and focus than the first, yet retaining a certain messy experimentalism that gives them the freedom they crave.

Bluesy folk quartet Kaleo hail from the town of Mosfellsbær, just outside of Reykjavik. They infuse soulful vocals with smoky rhythms similar to Hozier or Ray LaMontagne. Formed by childhood friends Jökull Júlíusson (vocals, guitar), Davíð Antonsson (drums), and Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson (bass), they began playing together as teenagers, later adding guitarist Rubin Pollock to the mix and adopting the name Kaleo, a Hawaiian word that translates to "the sound."
No Good 3:56
Broken Bones 4:05
Hot Blood 3:38
from A/B 2016
Hotly tipped Icelandic quartet Kaleo deliver A/B, their debut album for Atlantic Records. Blending soulful indie folk ballads and smoldering, riffy rockers, the young quartet explore their fascination with American blues and roots rock on this ten-song effort co-produced by Nashville's Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, City and Colour). In spite of some of the more Americana-leaning acoustic fare like "All the Pretty Girls" and "Automobile," a big, bluesy garage rock approach takes center stage on A/B, with bangers like "Glass House" and "No Good" (as heard on the trailer for HBO series Vinyl) leading the charge.

Imaginative and atmospheric garage-influenced band from Los Angeles, founded by multi-instrumentalist Laena Geronimo. 
Close My Eyes 3:51
Play It Cool 2:13
Bird's Eye 3:25
from FEELS 2016
Apparently hanging out with Ty Segall can have a powerful effect on a person. Laena Geronimo has played everything from the basic classical repertoire to girl group-inspired pop. But after playing some acoustic shows with Segall, she's drifted deep into the garage, and her new band Feels is the result. Playing scruffy garage punk with a veneer of psychedelia, Feels' self-titled debut album was produced by Segall, who makes the most of their buzzy guitars and layers of reverb. In Feels, Geronimo (guitar and vocals) is joined by Shannon Lay (guitar and keyboards), Amy Allen (bass), and Michael Perry Rudes (drums). Together, the musicians generate large clouds of dirty guitar and thick but nimble rhythms, captured by Segall with his usual complement of echo and grit...

London trio following the post-punk traditions of prickly sounds and left-wing politics. / Drawing inspiration for their angular art punk from ESG, the Au Pairs, Delta 5, and a healthy distrust of capitalism, Shopping consist of guitarist/vocalist Rachel Aggs, bassist Billy Easter, and drummer Andrew Milk. 
Wind Up 1:51
Straight Lines 2:36
Sinking Feeling 4:00
from Why Choose 2015
If the original crop of post-punk bands often had trouble sounding vital for more than one album, then the pressure on bands continuing the style is even more intense. Not only do they have to be creative in their own right, but they also have to avoid seeming too derivative of their influences. On their second album, Why Choose, Shopping -- who have gotten the thumbs-up from the likes of ESG and Gang of Four -- build on the grander tradition of post-punk as well as their own approach to it. They do so in a very post-punk fashion: by further stripping down their music...

Composer and instrumentalist who blurs the boundaries of indie, modern composition, and electronic music with surprisingly accessible results. 
Julia Holter
Feel You (Julia Holter) 4:08
Sea Calls Me Home 3:07
from Have You In My Wilderness 2015
After drawing on Greek tragedies and MGM musicals for her earlier albums, it would be hard for Julia Holter to find loftier sources of inspiration. On Have You in My Wilderness, she recasts her ambition to a more intimate scale: where her previous album Loud City Song had the heft of a novel, these songs play like a collection of short stories...

A French musical collective that specializes in bossa nova arrangements of New Wave songs. 
Nouvelle Vague
Athol-Brose (Cocteau Twins) 4:41
All Cats Are Grey (The Cure) 3:43
from I Could Be Happy 2016
...After an extended hiatus from recording, Nouvelle Vague reappears with I Could Be Happy, an album that attempts to remind listeners of the good old days and expand on the project's concept. Marc Collin, Olivier Libaux, and company stretch their sound to include dream pop and punk covers as well as new wave, and, for the first time, perform original material...

Philadelphia indie rockers inspired by rock traditions from Neil Young to Sonic Youth. / Mixing the grand-scale guitar attack of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine with a melodic sense and lyrical perspective that recall Bob Dylan roaring down Highway 61, Philadelphia's the War on Drugs are the creation of a pair of Dylan fans, Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile, who met at a party in 2003. After several drinks, Granduciel and Vile discovered their shared fascination with the Bard of Minnesota, and began working on songs together. By 2005, the pair had enough material to launch a proper band, and the War on Drugs were born.
The War on Drugs
Up All Night (Adam Granduciel) 6:23
Holding On (Robbie Bennett / Adam Granduciel) 5:50
Thinking of a Place (Adam Granduciel) 11:14
from A Deeper Understanding 2017
The War on Drugs' debut for Atlantic Records, A Deeper Understanding, is very much a follow-up to the group's critically acclaimed Top 30 breakthrough Lost in the Dream from three years prior. That album's notoriously meticulous blend of heartland rock influences, Bob Dylan, and a swirling dream rock constructed of Wurlitzers, tape effects, analog synths, and 12-string guitar, just to name a few components, is, if anything, even more expansive here. The Drugs recorded it as a six-piece with frontman/songwriter Adam Granduciel, bassist Dave Hartley, who's been in the picture since the band’s debut, keyboardist Robbie Bennett, drummer Charlie Hall, and multi-instrumentalists Jon Natchez and Anthony LaMarca, all but the latter of whom contributed to Lost in the Dream...

California-based garage rock revivalist known for his prolific discography and his accurate recreations of '60s lo-fi. 
Ty Segall
Fanny Dog (Ty Segall) 3:39
When Mommy Kills You (Ty Segall) 2:47
And, Goodnight (Ben Boye / Mikal Cronin / Emmett Kelly / Charles Moothart / Ty Segall) 12:02
from Freedom's Goblin 2018
...His canvas has gotten broader and his color palette has expanded at each turn, and 2018's Freedom's Goblin finds him putting practically all of it to work. Freedom's Goblin is a sprawling and ambitious album, packing 19 songs into 75 minutes, and while its sheer size is impressive, what really sets it apart is the wealth of ideas springing forward in every track, as well as the strength of the execution. The noisy attack of Segall's guitar is still at the center of this music, as always, but there's a great deal else going on. Ben Boye's keyboards are bigger in the mix than before, bassist Mikal Cronin and drummer Charles Moothart are still the smartest and strongest rhythm section Segall's had to date, and the use of horns on several tracks gives these songs a big, bold feel. Emmett Kelly returns as a superb foil for Segall's exploratory guitar solos (there are a few jam-nific guitar duels that would bring a smile to plenty of classic rock fans), and the band is on fire from beginning to end; the homespun sloppiness of some of Segall's early efforts has given way to a focus that's tight without strangling the performances...

Eclectic and eccentric pop music with flashes of rock and electronics, the brainchild of songwriter Mark Oliver Everett (aka E). / A musical project that weds a rich variety of off-kilter pop influences with deeply personal lyrics that often obsess on the darker sides of human experience, Eels is the rubric singer, songwriter, and musician Mark Oliver Everett (aka E) uses for the music he creates with a rotating group of collaborators.
The Deconstruction 4:10
Rusty Pipes 4:04
You Are the Shining Light 3:39
from The Deconstruction 2018
Mark Oliver Everett, the artist better known as E, has never seemed averse to collaboration, but as the sole constant in the Eels' history, he's clearly a guy who needs to call the shots. And given E's eagerness to bare his soul in song, he may not want to share his multiple neuroses with a bunch of other musicians as he and his muse get to work. So the electronically oriented production of 2018's The Deconstruction suggests E has found the ideal format for his music, one where he can do most of the musical heavy lifting himself. While The Deconstruction features plenty of guitar work from E and some lovely string arrangements, a good bit of this album has been built out of samples and keyboards, and the slightly low-tech sound of the loops and synth patches adds to the off-kilter personality of many of the songs...

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